Thursday, December 5, 2013

Let's Talk About It! is returning soon!

A word from Let's Talk About It! host, Subhash Kateel:

Let's Talk About It! is a real talk radio program that talks about real issues that affect the lives of real people. Our program launched three years ago as a weekly show on Miami's business station, WZAB (880 "the Biz"), broadcasting throughout South Florida and streaming nationwide. But before becoming a writer and radio host, I spent almost two decades working in communities I call home, from Michigan to New York to Miami, to fix the broken immigration and criminal justice systems. After years of fighting alongside others to fix what is broken in our communities, I realized that we have to also fix the way we talk to each other about repairing what is broken.

I started Let's Talk About It! because I wanted to have a different conversation about the issues that affect us everyday. In the process, the team at Let's Talk About It! has broken stories and created conversations that get us thinking critically and compassionately. We have cut through the spin while seeking common ground on issues as controversial as immigration, guns & violence, economic inequality and wars abroad. We have also put front and center the voices of unsung heroes,from Miami to Egypt, doing the hardest work in our communities.

Now, we are looking to build a new home. We want to create our own studio space and buy our own equipment that will allow us to broadcast the real talk that you have come to expect whenever and where ever we want and you need.  Not just an hour a week. Not just in the confines of a brick and mortar radio station.  Our vision is to make the communities we call home our studio.

Check out our video above. Listen to our old shows on Soundcloud. Read some of our articles. And get ready for our return.  Whether you are a longtime listener or this is your first time finding us, as we always say on our show, "thank you for your time, and let's keep talking about it!"


Subhash Kateel
Host and Co-Producer
Let's Talk About It!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Death by Taser or "Excited Delirium?," Nobody Tags Lebron's Billboard & Somebody Cares About Our Water Levels

Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Produced by Aidil Oscariz, Bruce Wayne Stanley, Muhammed Malik & Mara Leventhal

Important update on the show you come to for the realest talk about the realest issues: Monday Night (October 15) was our last show on 880 the Biz.  We are taking time to spend time with our families...just kidding.  Let's Talk About It! is not going anywhere!  We are taking a little bit of time to build a new home and make the real talk about real issues and real people that we have committed to bigger, better and realer.  In the meantime, keep checking us out for regular updates.

1. Find out why Miami's immigrant right activists have been busy shutting down the office of Mario Diaz-Balart and going on hunger fasts.

2. We talk to the artist TMNK, also known as Nobody, about why he tagged up a Lebron James billboard with commemorations of Israel "Reefa" Hernandez.

3.  Speaking of the late and loved Israel "Reefa" Hernandez, Dr. Deborah Mash (Neurology Professor , University of Miami-Miller School of Medicine) & Dr. Douglas Zipes (Distinguished Professor, Indian University School of Medicine)will debate whether police accusations of death by "excited delirium" of people in their custody is a real thing or a get out of jail/lawsuit free card.

4.  Miami is flooding (no kidding).  Find out from our friends at the Tropical Audubon Society if Urban Development Boundaries will make the flooding better or worse.

Monday, October 7, 2013

A Gov't on Shutdown, NAFTA on Steroids, Justice for Reefa & Herman's Homecoming

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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Produced by Aidil Oscariz, Bruce Wayne Stanley & Muhammed Malik

We know, we know.  Our show's technical difficulties last week shut us down right as we were talking about the government being shutdown.  But we are back this week.

1.  We check in with Nicole Woo of the Center for Economic and Political Research on our government as the shutdown hits its second week.

2. We report back from the #JusticeforReefa march through Miami Beach on the 2 month anniversary of Israel "Reefa" Hernandez's alleged tasing death at the hands of Miami Beach police veteran Jorge Mercado.  Our guests are Israel's family attorney Jose Javier Rodriguez and Israel's sister Offir Hernandez.  Plus, this week the family is asking everyone to make calls to Miami prosecutor (State Attorney) Katherine Fernandez-Rundle demanding that the officer who killed Israel Hernandez be charged.  Get more info here.

3. We talk to filmmaker Angad Bhalla (Director of Herman's House) about about Herman Wallace, a man who spent 40 years in solitary confinement in a Louisiana prison, had a judge order his release last week, and died two days later.

4.  While almost everyone knows about the government shutdown, few people know that some politicians are still at work pushing a NAFTA-like fake free trade agreement on steroids, the #TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).  Rep. Alan Grayson, Margaret Flowers (Flush the TPP), David Christoper(Open Media) & D'Marie Mulattieri (Expose the TPP) will tell us more.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Alan Grayson speaks on The Shutdown Showdown+NAFTA on Steroids+Justice for Reefa & Marissa


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marissa Alexander was granted a new trial. Read the decision...

By Subhash Kateel

If you've followed Let's Talk About It!, you know that we were among the first media outlets to cover the case of Marissa Alexander, a victim of domestic violence who was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a Florida court after firing a warning shot at an abusive husband (a warning shot that hurt noone). The case caused international outrage.  Well, Marissa is back in the news today.  This time, however, with good news.

It seems like an appeals court granted her a new trial.  Details are coming in.  You can be sure that we are going to have a lot to say about this in the coming days.  In the mean time, read the decision from the court. Stay tuned.