Show us the notes, dammit! Check out the free online tool the labor union SEIU just launched. Whether you are facing foreclosure, have an underwater mortgage, or are just a concerned homeowner, it’s important that you contact your bank and demand to see the original note on your mortgage. It only takes a few minutes […]

Let’s Talk About It! already became a newsmaker.  Journalist Tim Elfrink wrote in the Miami New Times Blog today about the Florida Version of Arizona’s new immigration law.     “Florida state Rep. William Snyder, the slow-drawling ex-Miami-Dade Police officer who has drafted Tallahassee’s version of the hotly debated Arizona immigration bill, is adamant […]

  Listen to this show.  This was our best show yet with some serious guests.    YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.  The Florida Immigration Bill (if passed) EXEMPTS Canadians from having to prove legal status in Florida! Rep. Snyder called it a matter of comfort.  This week’s guests included: Florida Rep. William Snyder (R), […]

On the show, we had Max Rameau from Take Back The Land, Shannan Reaze Human Rights organizer extraordinaire, and Nicollo Mena a person with a 365 degree view of the housing crisis from the inside. The show was title:  “Is the Housing Crisis YOUR Fault?” The show was great.  I think it is rare that […]