Let’s Talk About It! A Post-Election Special

TUNE IN AT OUR NEW TIME! Wednesday, November 3 @ 7pm

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On Tuesday, folks around the state and around the country are going out to vote for midterm elections. Or are they? This election cycle has been a circus marked by rallies Restoring Honor and Sanity while Preserving Fear. We have democrats, republicans, and independents all running for seats while people are still losing their homes, their jobs and their families. Will this election really change everything? If so, for the better or for the worse? And what do we do after the elections?

Join us as we talked to Gihan Perera from Florida New Majority, Everett Wilkinson from the Florida Tea Party (invited), Bradley Gerber from Miami Young Republicans, Mara Leventhal to report back on the Rally to Restore Sanity, and you calling in (305-541-2350)!!!

Some pre-show reading…


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