If you tuned in for tonight’s show, you learned everything you ever wanted to know about how pro sports franchises make profits off the backs of the people. Not only that, taxpayers actually LOSE out on the big money deals that team owners promise – jobs! revenue! recognition! titles!

Props to Marcos Feldman for breaking it down¬†for The People.¬†Special thanks to Eric Brakken, “Token Packers Fan” and Michael Bernstine for taking the time to talk with us.

In honor of the Marlins Stadium deal that now ranks as the WORST agreement ever made between a franchise and community, we’ve selected a video of a failed goal celebration that pretty much exemplifies the Marlins stadium deal.

Did we mention that the revenue from the first 10 non-baseball game events go back to the Marlins and only 50% of the proceeds of the next 10 events go back into the stadium that WE PAID FOR?


Taxpayers and sports fans, it’s time we have our say. We need a bill of rights. Check out this video of Dave Zirin, author of Bad Sports: How Owners are Ruining the Games We Love, talk about Sports Fans Bill of Rights.

And if you feel moved, write Dave Zirin and tell him we missed him on our show tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving!