Let’s Talk About It!!!

7pm, Wed. Nov. 17 on 880thebiz.com or 880 am (South Florida) or just click here.

The November elections where about alot of things: the Tea Party, the Democrats sucking, big business buying an election… but it was mostly about the economy and jobs-or the lack there of.  Whenever you ask any politician what they are going to do, they always say “create more jobs!”  Well…cool.  But what the heck does that mean and how the heck do they intend on doing it?  Lower taxes?  More loans for small business? Let’s Talk About It!  Join Subhash Kateel and guest host Mara Leventhal (sitting in for Kim Diehl) as we play clips from an interview with controversial radio personality Joyce Kaufman and some attendees at a recent Tea Party rally.  But most importantly, we’ll hear what real small business folks like Jack Lieberman, Alejandro Cantagallo, and others that have to run real businesses think about what can be done to really create jobs.  Let’s Talk About It!