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Its official, this week more people have heard of Wikileaks than Wikipedia.  But what is Wikileaks and what’s the big deal?  Did they really give up secrets that puts America at risk?  Or are they really just a poor-man’s CIA, putting out information the mainstream media ignores?  Is the arrest of the Wikileaks founder a justified arrest of a criminal, or another attack on free information over the internet? Well, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!

You Know The Time!…Listen! Call In! Let’s Talk About It!

Wednesday, Dec. 8 @ 7pm on or 880am (S. Florida).

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PS.  We really tried to get the Pentagon on the show… this is what they said…

“Got your request; let me look into it.  Resp, Bob” 12:26 pm

“Unfortunately we will have to take a pass on your request…
‘U.S. Government does not comment on materials, including classified
documents, which may have been released without authorization.”  2:42 pm

In the meantime some required reading here , here, here, and here.