Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Is The DREAM ACT? Should It Be Passed? Let's Talk About It!

Wednesday, December 1 at 7pm on 880thebiz.com or 880 am (South Florida) or just click here.

The DREAM Act is a proposal in Congress that, if passed, aims at giving a pathway to citizenship for undocumented students that were brought to the country as children and grew up here for most of their lives. Right now, there is a strong effort from students around the country to push for the DREAM Act's passage before Congress breaks for the year.  Opponents, however, call the DREAM Act a "Nightmare", a closet amnesty, and a poverty draft.  Which one is it?  We'll talk to people for and against the DREAM Act about the bill and what it really means.


Wednesday, December 1st at 7pm on 880thebiz.com or 880 am (S. Florida)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pro Sports Stadium Deals: Really, are they worth it?

If you tuned in for tonight's show, you learned everything you ever wanted to know about how pro sports franchises make profits off the backs of the people. Not only that, taxpayers actually LOSE out on the big money deals that team owners promise - jobs! revenue! recognition! titles!

Props to Marcos Feldman for breaking it down for The People. Special thanks to Eric Brakken, "Token Packers Fan" and Michael Bernstine for taking the time to talk with us.

In honor of the Marlins Stadium deal that now ranks as the WORST agreement ever made between a franchise and community, we've selected a video of a failed goal celebration that pretty much exemplifies the Marlins stadium deal.

Did we mention that the revenue from the first 10 non-baseball game events go back to the Marlins and only 50% of the proceeds of the next 10 events go back into the stadium that WE PAID FOR?


Taxpayers and sports fans, it's time we have our say. We need a bill of rights. Check out this video of Dave Zirin, author of Bad Sports: How Owners are Ruining the Games We Love, talk about Sports Fans Bill of Rights.

And if you feel moved, write Dave Zirin and tell him we missed him on our show tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Listen! How Do We REALLY Create Jobs!!! Small bizness knows!

The Last Show on Creating Jobs is Up!!!

Listen Below...Blog post on the way

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So How Do We Create Jobs? Small Businesses, Joyce Kaufman, the Tea Party and You Talk About It!

Let's Talk About It!!!

7pm, Wed. Nov. 17 on 880thebiz.com or 880 am (South Florida) or just click here.

The November elections where about alot of things: the Tea Party, the Democrats sucking, big business buying an election... but it was mostly about the economy and jobs-or the lack there of.  Whenever you ask any politician what they are going to do, they always say "create more jobs!"  Well...cool.  But what the heck does that mean and how the heck do they intend on doing it?  Lower taxes?  More loans for small business? Let's Talk About It!  Join Subhash Kateel and guest host Mara Leventhal (sitting in for Kim Diehl) as we play clips from an interview with controversial radio personality Joyce Kaufman and some attendees at a recent Tea Party rally.  But most importantly, we'll hear what real small business folks like Jack Lieberman, Alejandro Cantagallo, and others that have to run real businesses think about what can be done to really create jobs.  Let's Talk About It!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So...Should We Go??? Show Aftermath...Listen!

 The Shows up... listen to Uzayr from Afghans For Peace, Camilo from Iraq Veterans Against The War, Mo from Seed305...and yours truly Kim Diehl and Subhash Kateel...blogs will be up in a couple

download here.

or press play below

Monday, November 8, 2010

Afghanistan: Should We Stay or Should We Go? Let's Talk About It!!!

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Watching this election cycle, you would swear that the US wasn't still fighting a war in Afghanistan.  However, if you are a soldier serving in Afghanistan, an Afghan civilian, a child waiting for their father, or a spouse mourning the death of a loved one, its hard to forget about the war.  But if the American public and the American politicians think so little of the war that they don't even mention it during elections, should Americans still be there?  Is having US troops in Afghanistan keeping Americans safe?  Let's Talk About It!  Join us along with invited guests Camilo Mejia, and several other soldiers (past and present) and community leaders as we talk about the future of the war in Afghanistan.

Tune In Wednesday at 7pm on 880thebiz.com or 880 am (S. Florida) and don't forget to call in at (305) 541-2350.

Check our last show here and our last blog here.

P.S. This is long overdue but thank you to everyone who came to our Halloween Fundraiser!  Your contributions helped us raise enough money for two shows

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Democrats: Give Me A Reason To Vote For You Again

by Subhash Kateel, 1/2 of Let's Talk About It! Radio. (Tune in Wednesday's 7pm EST at 880thebiz.com or 880 am in Miami.)

Let’s Talk About It! is a weekly Miami based radio show that tries to talk about real issues that affect the lives of real people. This past Wednesday, the focus of our radio show (check it here) was: Does It Matter Who Won the Election? But in my hardest of hearts, I wanted the topic of the show to be: Do the Democrats Suck? And Should We Keep Voting For Them?

On the show, we talked with Gihan Perera from Florida New Majority, Tobias Packer from Equality Florida , Bradley Gerber from the Miami Young Republicans, Rosa Clemente from the Green Party about this idiotic term that I just added to the list of some of the dumbest things I have ever heard in my life: the enthusiasm gap. You see, some folks have actually decided to blame voters for the Democrats not winning because they where not “enthused” with their candidates. They wondered out loud why the same folks that came out for the 2008 election (read: Black folks, Brown folks, young folks, Queer folks, first time voters) didn’t come out this time.

If the 2008 elections taught us anything, it is that people who believe in who they are voting for, will try by any means necessary to get to the polls to vote for that person.

On election day in 2008, I was a volunteer outside one of the polling stations in Liberty City, Miami. Liberty City is a great community that had the misfortune of having a Grand Theft Auto video game made in its image so it is now considered the “hood” of all “hoods” in Miami. My volunteer job was to explain to first time voters what a ballot looked like and how to fill it out. The stuff I saw that day is sketched in my mind forever. I saw city workers, teachers, formerly incarcerated folks, guys that hung out on the corners and one woman that seemed clearly strung out determined to cast their vote. One young kid in the neighborhood, not affiliated with any campaign, took several trips from his neighborhood in a pick-up truck, taking people to and from the polls, including homeless folks. For the first-time voters in the bunch, you saw this glow in their eyes as they finished casting their ballots, as if their voice and vote finally counted.

So why didn’t that happen this time around? Ok, maybe it was because Obama wasn’t running. But it was also because most democrats that were running just sucked. And I am done making excuses for them. They sucked at articulating a vision that anyone cared about, they sucked at talking to the base of folks that stepped up and got them elected in 2008. They sucked at paying attention to anyone but the Tea Party. And during a recession (and I will keep saying this) in which people are literally killing themselves and losing their livelihoods, they sucked at feeling the pain of people. And where they sucked at feeling the pain, republicans succeeded in harnessing the anger.

There are two main issues in the country today that define people’s pain: the economic crisis and the housing crisis. We are currently witnessing one of the largest losses of working folk’s wealth ever in this country. And the Democrat’s response to it underscores just how bad most Democrats suck and how little most of them deserved to stay in office. To the point where even the ones that don’t suck got confused for the ones that do and were subsequently booted out.

Democrats spent their entire tenure in power complaining that they didn’t have enough of a majority to do what they wanted to do, while the Republicans via the Tea Party spent their entire time in the minority harnessing the anger of the majority of Americans. Yet despite supposedly not having enough of a majority to tackle the housing crisis in a way that eased the pain of homeowners and renters that where losing roofs over their heads, Democrats seemed to muster enough of a majority to easily pass a republican sponsored bill to make it easier to kick more Americans out of their homes.


Yep the folks that failed at bipartisanship and failed at pushing a real agenda to save homes or jobs succeeded in passing a bill that would have forced courts to accept electronic notarizations across statelines for homeowners fighting their foreclosures...In other words, the bill would have made foreclosures easier.

The bill wasn’t like the PATRIOT ACT either, where idiotic politicians just saw how big the bill was, decided not to read it and just trust the title of the bill and then pass it. No, the bill was two pages long. In fact, the only reason the housing bill didn’t become law is because the President vetoed it.

So tell me Democrats, why should I ever vote for you again? Because you are the lesser of two evils? I’m sorry, the lesser of two evils is still evil. And please, don’t blame the Tea Party for your support of the bailout, not doing much for homeowners, and passing up a real chance to help people that are looking for work. Wait, whats that? I should vote for you because you decided you are going to move to the “center” now (another of those stupid words on my stupid list)? You IDIOTS, no. No matter how hard you try, spinelessly moving to the middle is NOT a substitute for feeling people's pain, working with them to solve our problems, or proving that you are willing to re-up and fight.

Democrats, even though not all of you suck, until more of you stop sucking, I am done talking to you about how you can stop sucking. Instead, I would like to talk to the people that feel abandoned by you about what they can do to make sure this country doesn’t suffer from you sucking.

If you came out to vote in 2008, expecting change, then as Gandhi said, you have to be that change. How? I’ll give you four simple ways:

1) Join an organization that fights for something you want to fight for
2) If you work, dedicate 1 lunchbreak a month to talk with your co-workers about the problems we face in the country. End each conversation with just one idea that you can do collectively to work towards fixing that problem.
3) If you don’t work, do the same with your church groups, dominos table, the folks you play ball with or whoever.
4) Find out who your elected officials are and call them whenever you think they suck and tell them what to do to not suck. Politicians will never stop sucking if we don’t put pressure on them

I'm a leave you with the same song I heard alot during Obama's inauguration, Sam Cooke's "Change Is Gonna Come" .  Don't forget to tune in this Wednesday at 7pm on 880thebiz.com.

Let's Talk About It!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Let's Talk About It! A Post-Election Special

TUNE IN AT OUR NEW TIME! Wednesday, November 3 @ 7pm
880thebiz.com (the World) or 880 am in S. Florida


On Tuesday, folks around the state and around the country are going out to vote for midterm elections. Or are they? This election cycle has been a circus marked by rallies Restoring Honor and Sanity while Preserving Fear. We have democrats, republicans, and independents all running for seats while people are still losing their homes, their jobs and their families. Will this election really change everything? If so, for the better or for the worse? And what do we do after the elections?

Join us as we talked to Gihan Perera from Florida New Majority, Everett Wilkinson from the Florida Tea Party (invited), Bradley Gerber from Miami Young Republicans, Mara Leventhal to report back on the Rally to Restore Sanity, and you calling in (305-541-2350)!!!

Some pre-show reading...


Why your vote counts, from Glenn Beck's website

Jon Stewart's closing speech