Not One More Senseless Killing.

The show is up, we had one of the realest conversations ever. First we heard from a witness in the New Year’s Day Overtown police shooting.  Then we heard from community leaders working and living in Overtown like April Eddins, Petrina Williams, Julia Daniel, and Renita Holmes, and Shannan Reaze and we had Pat Santangelo from Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado’s office and long time civil rights lawyer John De Leon.  You can download the show here or just press play below.

Thanks to co-sponsors of the show, including Trishal Siddharthan, a group of Med Students of U-M Miami, and the Indo-American Store .

Next weeks topic on the 1 year anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake is: Have We Forgotten About Haiti?


January 20th marks the 2 year anniversary of Barack Obama’s inauguration as President.  We are marking that day by dedicating our show to the Hope and Change that we all fight for everyday.  But we also want to ask for if they are happy with the Hope and Change they are seeing. For some that show will be an introspection into what happened to the era of Hope and Change that folks thought they were ushered in.  For others it will be a call to action to be that hope and change.  Either way, we want to have a real conversation in real communities about how we REALLY bring hope and change to our communities and families in the next two years.  With that in mind, we our asking our dedicated listeners to organize listening parties for January 19th.  More details to follow…

Happy New Year again and Let’s Talk About It!