Wed. January 26, 7pm-8pm

880 am (S. Florida), or just click here

Very few issues in America are as polarizing as Gun Control.  From the tragedy in Tuscon to the recent killing in Miami of two police officers, recent high profile cases are pushing the debate back into the limelight.  But is the debate on gun control a stand in for a real conversation on ending violence? Please join us for one of the most important discussions on this issue you have ever heard!!!  Which leads to less violence: gun control or expanding gun rights?  Or is the debate just a distraction from addressing the root causes of violence?  Let’s talk about it!!!  Join us as we talk with Professor Gary Kleck (considered the foremost expert of gun control laws), Ladd Everitt (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence), Vic Grechniw (Florida gun shop owner), and invited guests from the National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence. 

But we also want to hear YOUR thoughts, especially if you work in our communities to end violence every day!

In the meantime, here is an old article from the New York Times to help spark a conversation called “Gun Laws and Crime: A Complex Relationship”

Tune in! Call in! Let’s Talk About It!

Remember Wed. January 26, 7pm-8pm
 880 am (S. Florida), or just click here!