Plus a reflection on the Civil Rights Movement

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It seems like there is a huge protest erupting in every part of the world these days.  But for those of us not familiar with the state, Wisconsin didn’t seem like the next place for a mass protest to grab the headlines.  Sure enough, the week-long showdown between Governor Scott Walker and damn near half the state shows no signs of letting up.  We’ll talk to folks on the ground (Austin Thompson and others) in Wisconsin and folks on the ground in Florida that are from Wisconsin (Eric Brakken) as we look at what the implication of Wisconsin are for the rest of the country.

But first…

We will be talking with Andrew Garvey (Marcus Garvey’s grandson), and Betty Garman Robinson (former member of SNCC) about their reflections on the Civil Rights movement and what it means for us today.

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Once again…

WED. FEB. 23 @ 7pm or 880 AM or click here