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Over the past couple of weeks, we saw a huge popular uprising peacefully (mostly) overthrow the President/Dictator of Tunisia.  As it was happening, a lot of Americans were asking themselves “Where is Tunisia?”  Now it seems that popular revolts are spreading throughout North Africa and the Middle East to countries most Americans are familiar with, like Egypt.  It seems like no dictator or king is safe in the region, even the ones like Egypt’s Mubarak that have received billions in support from the US government.  Meanwhile in the US, there is a mix of emotions ranging from excitement to extreme concern to confusion.  So what the hell is happening in the Middle East anyway?  How does it affect us?  Should we be happy or horrified?

Well folks, you know what we say…Let’s Talk About It!  Join us as we talk to Professor Abdy Javadzadeh, Asmaa Metwally, and a couple of surprise guests including some voices directly in Alexandria, Egypt.

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