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First, we’ll talk about ex-offenders and disfranchisement in America – what does it mean for our nation when folks are deprived of their right to vote? In the past month, Governor Rick Scott made major changes to the rights restoration process in Florida, which may require ex-convicts to wait at least 5 years before applying to the board for restoration. Hundreds of thousands of men and women will not have the right to vote, even after they have completed their sentences and served their punishment. What affect will this have on all Floridians? We’ll talk to the top local and national advocates Pastor Kenneth Glasgow (The Ordinary People’s Society) and Desmond Meade, whose personal journey led him from homelessness to law school (Florida Rights Restoration Coalition).

And then…

Join us to reflect on the life of Professor Manning Marable, prolific writer and scholar on race in America and director of Columbia University’s Center for Contemporary Black History. We will speak with former students of Dr. Marable about the legacy he leaves behind after his death in the past week. We will be joined by May Alhassen, a former student of Dr. Marable.

Plus, Let’s Talk About It Host Subhash Kateel will bring us a special report from Tallahassee. Join guest co-hosts, Muhammed Malik and Mara Leventhal tonight.

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