Tonight we will be talking about political shake-ups, one in Miami and the other in a far-off island called Bahrain. Yeah, we know you may be wondering to yourself: “Ba-WHAT?” Exactly. We’ll get back to that in a second.

Last week, we interviewed two Miami-Dade Mayoral Candidates, Dr. Farid Khavari and Commissioner Carlos Gimenez. This week, Let’s Talk About It will continue our series on the mayoral candidates with Luther Campbell and Roosevelt Bradley. You’ll have the chance to ask them tough questions. Luther Campbell (AKA Uncle Luke) has achieved fame and notoriety through his unique sounds and lyrics, which have inspired lots of ass-shaking…and the occasional community uproar against his sexually explicit lyrics. Now, he says, he is more interested in inspiring change and shaking up the political establishment. As he politically grinds his way across Miami, we interview him LIVE and give you (the callers) a chance to ask questions about his political platform. Hopefully he won’t dance around your questions. Roosevelt Bradley, former director of Miami-Dade Transit, will also join us to take your questions.


Bahrain. You have heard about the Egyptian uprising and probably know that democracy protests have been rolling through the Middle East. You might have heard that Bahrain is one of those countries where people are rising up…only there’s been a curious silence and a lot of questions popping up. Let’s figure out those questions together. We’ll be joined by Maryam Khawaja, from the Bahrain Center for Human Rights. Some of you may have heard the Khawaja name before – her father is one of the victims of the regime’s crackdown. She and our other guests will help us figure out why the U.S. media isn’t covering the real story in Bahrain and how it is connected to our tax dollars.