On last night’s show we chopped it up about Infidelity and Injustice…some folks say they are one in the same.  Listen in as we talk about cheating, creeping, down lowing, and ummm….not doing any of those things with Licensed Psychologist Dr. Thomas Bonner (its pronounced Bonner as in rhymes with Conner people…get your minds out the gutter).

But the main theme of the show was about injustice…We talked to Attorney Joel DeFabio who represented Lyglenson Lemorin.  Lemorin is a father of three, a husband of a U.S. citizen, and was a green card holder (legal resident) who was acquitted in a criminal court by a jury of his peers of all charges stemming from the “Liberty City 7” trial.  That didn’t stop him from being deported to earthquake ravaged Haiti.  He was even prevented from attending the funeral of his recently deceased son.  We also talked to his wife Charline Lemorin about the struggles and strength of the Lemorin family in a saga that many have called the greatest injustice committed in the Domestic “War on Terror.” Please press play below or click here to download.

This is our last show until July.  We hope to see you soon and keep talking about it!