We know you don’t want to miss this LIVE show. Tonight, we’ll be talking to candidates (Julio Robaina + Marcelo Llorente) who, if elected, will run our county (into the ground, to soaring heights – who knows?). We’ll also talk about BIRTH JUSTICE, an issue that is not on television screens very often but once you hear it, we’re sure you’ll wonder: “why isn’t this all over the news?”

Over the past two weeks, Let’s Talk About It has brought to you candid interviews with Miami-Dade Mayoral candidates Carlos Gimenez, Dr. Farid Khavari, Roosevelt Bradley, and Luther Campbell (aka “Uncle Luke” from 2 Live Crew). This week we continue to interview candidates for Miami-Dade Mayor in order to give YOU, the listener, a chance to voice your concerns and ask questions about their positions. We will be joined by Julio Robaina and Marcelo Llorente. Join us in our quest to understand and question each candidate. Listen in, call in with questions, and get informed!

And then…

BIRTH JUSTICE! – what is it? why is it important?
If there’s one thing that we all love, it’s our Mamas. Tonight, we will be joined by incredibly inspirational women who are leading an effort to raise awareness about rising levels of infant and maternal mortality in the U.S.  To explain what’s going on and what we need to do to protect our families from this under discussed danger to our community, Anajali Sardeshmukh and Jamarah Amani from Birth Workers of Color will join us LIVE in-STUDIO. We will also be joined by Tamika Middleton (Black Women Birthing Resistance Project) calling in from Georgia. These women will share with us stories of midwives, mothers, babies, counselors, and more. Don’t miss out!