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America has been saved from its history of horrible race relations….right? All white supremacists are dying and our youth are race-blind stewards of Martin Luther King’s dreamed society. This week’s show looks at two incidents that tell us we aren’t there yet. Hate Crime designations, death penalties, more prisons…ohhh yes, we have solutions. Maybe we don’t. What’s really going to bring us restorative justice and heal America’s identity divides?

We’ll talk to New York-based hip hop artists, The Welfare Poets. They will be previewing some tracks from their album, that they will be playing at the Let’s Talk About It Party in New York, this Friday night. Advance tickets are available!
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Insight from co-host Shannan Reaze:We all live the day-to-day state of American race relations. And guess what? None of us agree about what that actually means. But I think we can mostly agree that we aren’t living a “post-race” society. Sadly, our youth are a generation left to fall casualty to and heal from the race issues we are failing to address. Don’t believe me, see for yourself as we discuss the recent murder of James Craig Anderson by “white” teenagers and these “black” teenage flashmobs indiscriminately beating and dragging “white” people in Philly and Wisconsin.In Mississippi, teens shouted racial slurs and “white-power” while beating Mr. Anderson. Sadly, I have to mention that one of the teens, Deryl Dedmond, decided he needed to run “that n-gg-r over” with his F250 pickup truck. All this resulted in Mr. Anderson’s murder at just 49 years old. Of the seven teens involved or present only two were charged with any crime. I am able to recount most of this incident because it was gruesomely caught on surveillance video. That is too much right?But it’s Mississippi, what did we expect? Hate Crimes happen there all the time, right? As someone who lived in Jackson, MS for seven years, in the city where this incident occurred, it was shocking to me. I mean, wow, all of the teens were 18 and under when the incident occurred over two months ago. They are babies…well that Dedmond dude must be sociopathic. Click here for a CNN Story on Mr. Anderson’s murder. (please be aware there is graphic material) I can’t understand how you run over a beaten man. There is no excuse. But, let’s not stop there.Look at what happened in June in Philly where “flashmobs” of youth took over the more affluent city center. Once there, some decided a little race hate was in order and reportedly left alone “black” people while pulling “white” people from their cars to beat them. There have been several incidents like this involving looting and robbery across the city throughout the summer. So much so, youth curfew and youth gathering ordinances have been implemented. Over 75 arrests have been made; the youngest so far was 11 years old. Click here for local Philadelphia Fox News Story about the flashmobs. Some question what race has to do with this. Why are the politicians all up in “black” churches telling the whole ”black” community they are going to crack down on their kids if they don’t? The reality is both incidents might be classified as hate crimes.But what does that really mean, and how does it help us end crimes based on people’s identity? If white supremacy isn’t dead and black youth are acting out with and without violence, what do we need to do? What really has to happen for this so called “post-race” society to become America’s real Race Reality? Hate Crime designations, death penalties, more prisons… What’s really going to bring us restorative justice and heal America’s identity divides? Let’s Talk About It, tonight!