While we were on the show we got word that Troy Davis’ execution was delayed. Every minute he is alive is a victory for the people fighting for his campaign. But the main point of the show was to talk about jobs. And talk about it we did. Listen to the show by downloading it […]

Tonight! Wednesday, Sept. 7 @ 7pm EST CLICK HERE TO LISTEN LIVE or tune in to 880 am (S. Florida) We know, we know, everyone has a 9/11 show this week. It may feel cliche, but 9/11 wasn’t just a pivotal moment for opportunist politicians and the mainstream media. It meant a lot of different […]

Download here, or press play below.— — Learn more about our guests from Murdered in Mississippi, Mayhem in Philly: Youth & Hate Crimes in “Post-Race” America, 8/31/2011: Mississippi Tom Head, author of Civil Liberties: A Beginner’s Guide, suggested checking out the Mississippi Center for Justice and the Mississippi ACLU for more information. Cassandra Welchlin is […]