Tonight! September 21 @ 7pm EST

Or tune in at 880 am (S. Florida)

Tonight, as we are anticipating and praying that justice will come for Troy Davis (check our last show if you haven’t heard), we are will talk about jobs .  Having a bad one, not having one, trying to get one, giving up on looking for one, and everything in between.  We will talk to folks that are looking for work, folks that work with people out of work, and people doing something about us not having work.  We will also talk with economist Dean Baker, about Obama’s Jobs Plan, and whether or not it will actually create jobs.  You really don’t wanna miss this show.  And if you have something to say, we really want your insight.  Call in at 305-541-2350 and let us know what’s on your mind.  Can we get ourselves on our feet?  Is there an end in sight?  What can we do besides just being frustrated?

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