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FIRST: Is Georgia About To Execute An Innocent Man?

The state of Georgia is about to execute Troy Davis next week, twenty years after he was convicted of killing a cop.  The problem is, most of his eyewitnesses have recanted and attorneys say that there is new evidence that proves his innocence.  Why is Georgia in such a rush to execute a man who may be innocent?  What does Troy Davis got to do with us?  Tune in to this important segment that hits at the hear of what is right and wrong with our justice system.


If you say the word “sperm,” most people giggle.  But the sperm donor industry is no laughing matter.  More people than ever are relying on sperm banks to help them conceive.  It has become a million dollar industry with millions of issues few folks wanna talk about.  Think about it, there are people that have 150 kids that they don’t know about!  There are children walking around with genetic disorders that don’t understand why.  And if you believe a New York Times article,  there are siblings that may be hooking up, not realizing they are siblings!  Not all is doom and gloom, but on our show, we will chop it up about a topic few want to, but most should, think about more.



Tonight @ 7pm EST
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