Dear Family, In time for the new year, we wanted to thank you for listening to us.  We decided to compile all of the shows from our ongoing and critically acclaimed (by official broke people everywhere) “when you’re broke” segments into one big blog.  Check it out.  We also compiled of “Best of the Worst […]

Family, as part of our end of the year appreciation/wrap-up, we compiled all of our segment on the worst of the worst 1%, or as we call them, “America’s Original Gangsters,” into one blog.  Listen to this (and our blog compilation of the  “Best of ‘When You’re Broke” series) and look forward to the New […]

FAMILY!  The show is up, listen to us talk about Egypt, taking back the land with Max Rameau, and taking back the holiday when you are broke with Bill Losey.  To hear the whole show, download the soundfile HERE or press play below… – To listen to the EGYPT SEGMENT with Egyptian-American activists Nermin Abdel-Wahab […]

Wednesday, Dec. 21 @ 7pm EST   IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW CLICK HERE How to have happy holidays when you are broke… As part of our ongoing “when you are broke” series, we will talk with Bill Losey, formerly of CNBC, about spending, saving, avoiding debt, and all of that during Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, […]

Jewish Agency for Palestine (C.1930) Cent. Jewish Hospitality Committee (C. 1940) By Subhash Kateel Paul Krugman, commentator, economist and guy that predicted the economic collapse,  recently stated that Newt Gingrich is “a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person sounds like.”  Maybe it is telling that I generally disagree with him about Newt’s intelligence.  […]

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Source: If you missed the show, you missed some of the realest talk on radio.  To listen to the whole show, click here or press play below – – If you just wanna check the segment on Florida’s alleged Original 1% Gangsters aka LPS-Lender Processing Services (you really don’t wanna miss it), click here […]

President Newt? For many people old enough to remember the Clinton years, Newt Gingrich was the brains behind a lot of what the right wing convinced America was right with conservative (Contract with America, Welfare Reform, etc.).  But beyond being a mad professor, he actually harnessed the power to make some of those ideas a […]

Robert Indiana’s “Art” – Photo by Pigalle On yesterday’s show (listen here) we talked about starving artists, Art Basel and how creative work suffers in an economic downturn. We were inspired after the show to put together a “when you’re broke” guide to Art Basel, Miami’s international art fair, going on right now. Yes, there […]