Wednesday, Dec. 21 @ 7pm EST

How to have happy holidays when you are broke…
As part of our ongoing “when you are broke” series, we will talk with Bill Losey, formerly of CNBC, about spending, saving, avoiding debt, and all of that during Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Solstice, and just “give me presents” day.

But first… Keeping houses occupied as homes over the holidays
Our governments and banks have down about as much to stem the tide of people getting kicked out of their homes as they have finding life on Planet Pandora (if you have to look, it doesn’t exist).  But that hasn’t stopped everyone from the Occupy movement, to community organizations, to everyday people from taking things into their own hands and taking back their own land.  Well that trend started right here is Miami, with “Take Back The Land” founder Max Rameau.  We will speak to folks that are fighting foreclosures the hard way now.  And we will have a sort of homecoming interview with Max about whether Occupying homes will be the new occupation for 99%-ers (check our first interview with him a year and a half ago here).

But first first…Egypt democracy redux…again
We were one of the first radio shows to bring you the fight for democracy in Egypt as it was just beginning.  But it seems like the current temporary/wannabe permanent rulers of the largest country in the Middle East (and Africa’s second largest) keep confusing their “d” words (democracy, dictatorship, despotism, doubling down on dissent).  We will talk to Egyptian American activists about the today and tomorrow of the ongoing struggle for democracy.

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