Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AFTERMATH:The Real Face of Terror and the Real Terror of Florida's future. LISTEN!

Hey folks, it case you missed our show last Wednesday (July 27), you can download it HERE or press play below

"Not All Muslims Are Terrorists, But All Terrorists Are Muslims."

If you see the picture of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik to the left, you kinda figured out that its not true.  But we wanted to talk about what that statement above and Anders and his terror plot have to do with our safety here.  To do that we spoke with Faiz Shakir (American Progress and Think Progress) and Norwegian activist Waseem Mirza.  That's right folks, we think its silly to talk about Norway without having a Norwegian on the phone.  Unfortunately our invited guests Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) was a no-show after thrice confirming.  See our open letter to her here. 

For the second part of the show we talked the envoriment in studio with Captain Dan Kipnis.  And to be honest, he scared the sh*t out of us more than the terrorism conversation.   He was one of our most entertaining and educational guests yet and his broke down the state of our environment and our role in saving it or destroying it.  How do we save our environment is S. Florida?  According to him, by evacuating.  Check him out, check us out and tune in every wednesday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AFTERMATH: Debts With Ceilings and Prisons With Hunger Strikes...

Folks the show last night's show did what we are supposed to do, talk about the issues that affect the real lives of real people. For the first segment, we had economist Marshall Auerback (see one of his articles here) give us a little "debt ceiling for dummies" talk. He basically broke down how both Republicans and Democrats are playing politics with our ability to pay salaries, social security checks, medicare reimbursements, and other stuff the government has already promised to pay for. This was some real talk on the economy from a real live economist. To get more info on the debt ceiling check out a couple other articles here, here, here, and here.


In a segment that was on an equally serious note, folks from California including Dolores Canales and Manuel La Fontaine from the groups All of Us or None (probably the best name for any organization...ever) talked about what is probably the LARGEST HUNGER STRIKE IN US HISTORY taking place inside the California prison system. There are anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 prisoners on hunger strike in support of a strike that emerged out of Pelican Bay's Special Housing Unit (a type of long-term solitary confinement). While the California Department of Corrections insist that the conditions of Special Housing Units are to protect society, and prisoners themselves, from the "worst of the worst," they refused to come on the air and tell us why thousands of people would starve themselves to death for three weeks, just to make a point. Some conversations popped off both on and off the air that are compelling me to possibly write a larger blog post in a bit. In the meantime, if you missed the show listen. If you want to find out how to get involved with the groups in California supporting the hunger strikers CHECK THIS SITE OUT HERE. To learn more about the hunger strike you can read articles here, here, and here.

Hopefully we will get a blog post up in a few. In the mean time, thanks for checking out the show.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

AFTERMATH: Sex Talk and Bike Rides...Listen!!!

Hey folks the last show is up, check it out by DOWNLOADING HERE or pressing PLAY BELOW


Our first topic was Sex and Reproductive Justice, just in time for the SisterSong conference, Let's Talk About Sex! in Miami this week. We had on the air, Miami's own Jersey Garcia from MI LOLA, and Stephanie Alvarado from the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.  If you are in Miami you should check out the conference.  They were followed with a convo on bikes.  It wasn't your everyday bike talk.  We heard the following two minute intro from our producer, Mara Leventhal:

And that was followed by words from Leah Weston of Emerge Miami, Roger Horne of Youth Bike, and David Henderson of Miami-Dade Metro Planning.  If you think that biking in the city is just about hipsters and fitness junkies, then you need to listen to this show.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sex Talk And Bike Rides: Let's Talk About It!

Wednesday, July 13 @ 7 p.m. EST
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Get your mind out the gutter and your ears to the radio!  Sex talk doesn’t have to be dirty talk.  In fact, in this day and age it has to be real talk.  That’s why SisterSong is holding their national conference, Let's Talk About Sex! in Miami this week. It will be the place to talk about sex and what is has to do with politics, health, power, and human rights.  Do you think Sex is a Human Right? The folks at SisterSong, MI LOLA, and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health do, and they are gonna be on the show to tell us why.  Don’t miss the show, and don’t miss the conference.

And then...

Bikes in the city, any city (even Miami) aren’t just for hipsters, messengers, tree huggers, and unnecessarily ripped fitness junkies.  In fact, for a lot of folks, they are the only way to get around. But for a city known more for bad drivers, biking can be a dangerous way to get from point A to point B.  The folks from Emerge Miami, Youth Bike, and Miami-Dade Metro Planning think that making cities like Miami bike friendly should be a bigger priority that most people realize. Tune in and find out why.

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Wednesday, July 13 @ 7 p.m. EST
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Friday, July 8, 2011

AFTERMATH: Legal Marriage and Illegal Filming? LISTEN!

Our last show is up.  Sorry it took so long.  Fam, the technical difficulties in the studio that day were crazy.  But thanks to our production engineers, our first show of the season did what we usually do, talk about the real issues that affect the lives of real people.  You can check the show out by downloading here or pressing play below.  Look out for our podcasts in a couple weeks.

For the first part of the show, we chopped it up on the debate around gay marriage/same sex marriage/marriage equality.  We had a brief yet respectful back and forth between David Valk from Save Dade and Peter La Barbera from Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality.  We also had some words from Reverend Dr. Sherod Mallow, Rector of All Saints Episcopal Church in Ft. Lauderdale (Diocese of Southeast Florida), whose parish actually officiates gay marriages.

I put something out on the show that I want to put out to the universe again.  A lot of people talk about the decline of the “traditional family.”  That is something I sort of agree with.  What I mean is the way our society is changing is making it harder and harder for communities and families to stay together and healthy.  But that ain’t got nothing to do with with who gets married to who.  As I said on the show, I didn’t know any openly gay couples growing up, but I did know a bunch of single mothers, single fathers, kids raised by their aunt’s and grandmother’s, and kids whose parents had to travel across the country and the world just to put food on their families' tables.  A lot of  my friends who got married in the past ten years have ended up getting divorced, and when you ask them why, infidelity, lack of communication, but also money and the inability to cope with stress in this day and age have all played a role in their marriages crumbling.  Rather than opposing marriage equality or gay marriage or whatever the hell you wanna call it, folks like our guest Peter should really work with others to make sure that we address the things in our society that are making ALL relationships harder to maintain.

That was just my two dollars...


Later in the show, we talked about the recent epidemic of police officers arresting citizens for filming police actions while on duty.  The story came to a head in South Florida on Memorial Day weekend after Police arrested Narces Benoit for filming Officers firing 100 rounds into a man’s car after an alleged high speed chase…

But the issue also went nationwide last year as prosecutors in Maryland put the finite resources of the state into prosecuting a member of Maryland’s National Guard after he filmed a plain clothes police officer pulling a gun on him after pulling him over  for speeding on his motorcycle.  Although acquitted, he had initially faced up to 15 years in prison.
On the show we had James Preston Florida’s Fraternal Order of Police, and Robert Hammonds of Channel Six Two, a group of Miami Based film makers that made it their mission to film police activity and make it go viral. 

To get this out of the way, The President of Florida’s Fraternal Order of the Police basically said that he didn’t see anything wrong with filming police officer’s as long as it didn’t interfere with police activity.  He did suggest that if people were gonna do it, they should do it respectfully.

Robert said that everyone that could should be filming police officers because it is the only way to keep them honest.  Lumumba Bandele of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, who helped start a Copwatch program in New York, gave an overview of where copwatch programs came from and how people could effectively monitor police.

This part of the show hit at one of our basic rights.  Not just police, but all public servants are employees of US.  But in the past decade, many pubic servants have acted like their public service is a private act and are desperately trying to hide from scrutiny.  At this point, monitoring our politicians, law enforcement, and public employees to ensure they are not abusing their jobs is unfortunately our responsibility and is the only way to hold them accountable.

We hope to see you next week.  In the mean time check out a couple articles on the topic here,and here.


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Legal Marriage And Illegal Filming: Let's Talk About It!

WED. JULY 6 @ 7pm

880 am (S. Florida), 880thebiz.com (worldwide)
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Well it depends on what state you live in.  If you live in New York, Gay folks can now get married, but you can still get arrested for filming the cops arresting somebody (like this).

But if you live in Florida, both could probably land you in jail.

Join us for the first episode of the second season of Let's Talk About It! as we talk about Marriage Equality, Same Sex Marriage, Gay Marriage, living In sin or whatever the hell you call it...just tune in and call in!  Is the victory in New York a victory for you or a sign of the decline of Western Civilization?  What does it mean for other states like Florida?


In the past year, dozens of people have been arrested for filming the police while on duty.  Some like Anthony Graber, a sergeant with the Maryland Air National Guard, almost faced 16 years in prison just for filming police as they were pulling him over.  The story hit close to home in Miami when on Memorial Day weekend, Narces Benoit filmed police firing 100 shots into a car of a man who led them on a dangerous high speed chase. Benoit and his girlfriend were arrested, but later let go for filming what you see below (note: the film is intense).  Why are people being arrested for filming the police?  Is it people's right to film the police while they are on duty or does filming the police make us all less safe?   Join us as we talk about two topics that hit at the heart of what rights we have and don't have. 


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Now some of the images of people getting arrested while filming the police...