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Murdered in Mississippi, Mayhem in Philly: Youth & Hate Crimes in “Post-Race” America

Wednesday, August 31 @ 7 p.m. ET
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America has been saved from its history of horrible race relations….right? All white supremacists are dying and our youth are race-blind stewards of Martin Luther King’s dreamed society. This week’s show looks at two incidents that tell us we aren’t there yet. Hate Crime designations, death penalties, more prisons...ohhh yes, we have solutions. Maybe we don’t. What’s really going to bring us restorative justice and heal America’s identity divides?
We'll talk to New York-based hip hop artists, The Welfare Poets. They will be previewing some tracks from their album, that they will be playing at the Let's Talk About It Party in New York, this Friday night. Advance tickets are available!

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Insight from co-host Shannan Reaze:

We all live the day-to-day state of American race relations. And guess what? None of us agree about what that actually means. But I think we can mostly agree that we aren’t living a “post-race” society. Sadly, our youth are a generation left to fall casualty to and heal from the race issues we are failing to address. Don’t believe me, see for yourself as we discuss the recent murder of James Craig Anderson by “white” teenagers and these “black” teenage flashmobs indiscriminately beating and dragging “white” people in Philly and Wisconsin.

In Mississippi, teens shouted racial slurs and “white-power” while beating Mr. Anderson. Sadly, I have to mention that one of the teens, Deryl Dedmond, decided he needed to run “that n-gg-r over” with his F250 pickup truck. All this resulted in Mr. Anderson’s murder at just 49 years old. Of the seven teens involved or present only two were charged with any crime. I am able to recount most of this incident because it was gruesomely caught on surveillance video. That is too much right?

But it’s Mississippi, what did we expect? Hate Crimes happen there all the time, right? As someone who lived in Jackson, MS for seven years, in the city where this incident occurred, it was shocking to me. I mean, wow, all of the teens were 18 and under when the incident occurred over two months ago. They are babies…well that Dedmond dude must be sociopathic. Click here for a CNN Story on Mr. Anderson's murder. (please be aware there is graphic material) I can’t understand how you run over a beaten man. There is no excuse. But, let’s not stop there.

Look at what happened in June in Philly where "flashmobs" of youth took over the more affluent city center. Once there, some decided a little race hate was in order and reportedly left alone “black” people while pulling “white” people from their cars to beat them. There have been several incidents like this involving looting and robbery across the city throughout the summer. So much so, youth curfew and youth gathering ordinances have been implemented. Over 75 arrests have been made; the youngest so far was 11 years old. Click here for local Philadelphia Fox News Story about the flashmobs. Some question what race has to do with this. Why are the politicians all up in “black” churches telling the whole ”black” community they are going to crack down on their kids if they don’t? The reality is both incidents might be classified as hate crimes.

But what does that really mean, and how does it help us end crimes based on people’s identity? If white supremacy isn’t dead and black youth are acting out with and without violence, what do we need to do? What really has to happen for this so called “post-race” society to become America’s real Race Reality? Hate Crime designations, death penalties, more prisons... What’s really going to bring us restorative justice and heal America’s identity divides? Let’s Talk About It, tonight!

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Hey folks,

The show was live tonight...listen up and we hope to get a blog post out soon...


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From Cuba With Love, From Libya With...? Let's Talk About It!

Wednesday, August 24 @ 7pm
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You can call this our foreign policy show if you want.  But if you live in Florida, nothing related to Cuba is foreign policy.  If you live in America, the stuff happening in Libya will probably have a huge impact in the long run on what happens with this country and how it relates to the world.  On this show, we are trying to figure out how we feel about two topics that folks should have an opinion on...

First: From Cuba With Love
For recent Cuban immigrants, President Obama's easing of the restriction preventing Cuban families from visiting their relatives was a step in the right direction.  For some old school Cuban exilees, the travel restrictions were an important policy to isolate Castro.  Right now, there is a bill floating around Congress to bring back the travel restrictions.  We will here from our guests about what this might mean to the Cuban American community here and their families back home.

Then: From Libya with...?
We would be lying if we said we knew what to make of the situation in Libya.  But it seems like the Qadaffi (how the hell do you really spell his name?) era is coming to an end.  Was this an example of a "good" US and NATO intervention?  Is this going to be another disaster like Iraq?  How does this affect the average person in this country?  Should the average person here be pro or anti intervention?  Hopefully this show will iron some of this out.
Remember to tune in, call in, and Let's Talk About It!

Wednesday, August 24 @ 7pm
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Let's Toast, But Don't Drink The Juice Yet...

So fam, I meant to write something about last week's show (if you missed it, check it HERE).  But then word came of Obama's new Immigration policy moves.  So I couldn't resist, and Organizing Upgrade published a piece I wrote.  Check it out, and enjoy.

Let’s make a toast, but don’t drink yet

Originally posted in Organizing Upgrade.

Kateel: Obama’s Immigration Move

Thursday felt like time for a toast for America’s largest social movement, the folks fighting for immigrant rights. With the news that the Obama administration would review many of its pending 300,000 deportation cases and allow some of those with no “criminal” record to stay, you could literally hear the cries of joy jumping out of Facebook updates, twitter feeds, cafecito spots (I live in Miami), college campuses, and even a detention center or two.

After over two years of pressuring the Obama administration to use its executive power to stop tearing apart immigrant families and communities; after hunger strikes, 1000 mile walks, and mass arrests, after multiple insistences from the Administration that it didn’t have that authority, after multiple cover-ups by the administration of how many people they were deporting that had done nothing wrong, it seems like the Administration is finally listening. And while there are tears of joy, and sighs of relief, there is also plenty of healthy skepticism. After all, we have an Administration that has cried (falsely), “we only deport dangerous criminals!” more than that boy who cried wolf.

So the questions remain.

Who is going to be carrying out this new case-by-case review? Is it going to be the ICE agents whose union doesn’t want to use its discretionary power and calls this a  “back door amnesty?” What is their incentive to review cases fairly?

And when the administration says that they will focus on “criminals”, what do they mean? Isn’t immigration policy the same set of laws that famously calls people “aggravated felons” for things that are neither aggravated nor felonies? Isn’t ICE the same agency that deported thousands of suspected “terrorists” after 9/11 that were never really terrorists? And don’t ICE’s “worst of the worst” categories include a Baptist pastor with a 16 year old conviction from when he was homeless, a Gulf War Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who was arrested for marijuana possession after his wife died, and a 36-year-old youth community worker who helps young people stay away from the mistakes he made as a 16 year old? If the Administration is really turning over a new leaf, does that mean ICE is turning over a new leaf?

And then there is what the Obama Administration still refuses to do. It still refuses to create enforceable standards for how it treats immigrants in detention so that they don’t die in custody. The administration still refuses to reign in the deputized powers it gives to bad sheriffs with long lists of civil rights complaints like the real-life Boss-Hog, Joe Arpaio. The Administration still refuses to call off its “creepy” Secure Communities program, which is looking more and more like the first step of a science fiction-like national database that may one day include everyone.

But the Administration is also failing to take the lead in pushing common sense legislation that will begin to fix the broken immigration system while everyone waits for the mythical grand compromise. For one, the best way to ensure the case-by-case reviews o f immigration cases is done right is to give immigration judges back the discretion they need (and lost in 1996) instead of pushing ICE employees to exercise the discretion many of them seem to not want (that they gained over a decade ago).
But lets not rain on the parade. This is no doubt a victory. Afterall, it seems like there are only a few constituencies of non-millionaires that have gotten any significant demand from the administration: the LGBT movement, the Tea Party, and the immigrant rights movement to name a few. And the tie that binds these movements together (for better or worse) is that they fought like hell and refused to just “let the President do his job.”

So let there be a toast. A toast to democracy-in-action and the thousands of squeaky wheels that provided the vehicle to demand more oil. A toast that remembers those families that new policies may never help, the ones that have already been separated and torn apart. And a toast to the hope that regular people are pushing the Administration to finally have enough courage to make real change.
Yep, its time for a toast…but don’t drink the juice yet.

Subhash Kateel

Kateel: Obama's Immigration Move

Kateel: Obama's Immigration Move

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Hey folks,

The second half of the show got crazy.  For the folks that tried to call in, sorry we couldn't get to everybody.  This show deserves a blog article!  Coming real soon.  In the meantime, download the show HERE or press play below...

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Securing Our Communities Or Screwing Our Future? Let's Talk About It!

TONIGHT! Wed. August 17 @ 7pm EST
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The Federal government has two initiatives, one that supposedly eliminates debt, the other supposedly deports "serious, dangerous, criminal aliens."  The only problem is, critics insist one program screws graduate students with student loans and the other tears apart immigrant communities and makes communities less safe.  On tonight's show, we will talk about both.

As part of the compromise on the debt ceiling, the government virtually eliminated the subsidies on Stafford Loans for graduate students.  That means that for current students, interest will accrue while they are studying and they may have to pay back thousands of dollars more.  Was this really a way to cut our national debt or is this the beginning of the end of the student loan program?  What effect will this have on people currently getting grad degrees?  Is putting students in more debt really the best way to cut our national debt?  Tune in as we talk about it...

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) thought that Secure Communities was an easy sell.  The program was supposed to be a fingerprinting and database system that identifies serious and dangerous criminal aliens in our jails for deportation.  Critics, including many in the immigrant rights community contend that the program flags immigrants for deportation before and even if they have been found to do anything wrong.  They say that the program impacts victims of crime and is destroying the relationship between law enforcement and immigrant communities.  Some states have even asked, with little success, to opt out of the program.  Does this program really make any communities secure?  Or does it destroy communities and their safety? Well...

Tune In!  Call In! and Let's Talk About It!

TONIGHT! Wed. August 17 @ 7pm EST
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Can We Build A Better Tomorrow? Afterthoughts on Their Riots and Our Economy

by Subhash Kateel

Years ago, I remember getting pulled over by cops my first weekend back to my hometown (Saginaw, Michigan) from college (Michigan State).  After watching  a local football game with some of my high school friends, a few of us pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot to get a bite to eat and talk to some folks I used to go to school with.   As soon as we pulled in we saw police sirens and cops coming toward us with flashlights.  The officers came up to our car, told us to step out and asked us, “what are you hiding?” “where are the drugs?” I got real offended because even though there were tons of drugs and drug dealing in my hometown,  folks that knew me in high school knew I didn’t drink and I didn’t touch drugs.  But that didn’t stop the police from frisking me and my friends excessively in front of at least 30 people in the parking lot.  At one point a officer touched me inappropriately and smugly asked me if I was hiding any weapons.   My first instinct to react wasn't a good one so I just took a deep breath instead.  After one of those generic warnings to stay out of trouble they let us go, not bothering to search anyone else in the parking lot, including folks I knew for a fact were weed heads and acid heads.  For about a half hour after, I was consumed with so much anger and rage.  Here I was trying my hardest to do everything right, and at that moment none of it mattered.  What stopped me from doing anything stupid wasn’t that my mom raised me right or that I wasn’t evil.  The fact is, I just started college.  I COULD SEE A BETTER TOMORROW.  So I just ate up the anger and went on with my life.

I remember living in New York in 2000 when the verdict came out finding the cops that shot an unarmed street vendor named Amadou Diallo 41 times not guilty of all charges.  Seeing the picture of this dead man that could easily be any one of my friends made me so angry that I walked out to my front stoop and just screamed at the top of my lungs.  But at that moment, there was no one there to scream with me.  Plus, I was in grad school. I COULD SEE A BETTER TOMORROW

Fast forward to Miami in 2008, shortly after I moved to the neighborhood of Little Haiti.  One day I stepped outside of my house to a commotion .  An Immigration (ICE) raid was happening in my neighborhood.  During the course of the raid, an ICE agent threw me on the pavement and put me in handcuffs simply because I asserted my First Amendment right to lawfully observe what they were  doing and refused to just go into my house and pretend I didn’t see anything.  As I was in handcuffs, being asked all sorts of questions by the ICE agents dressed in all black and armed like they were in Fallujah,  I was enraged and angry, but I took a deep breath, centered myself, and decided not to say anything stupid.  After all, I had just started a new job in a new city.  I COULD SEE A BETTER TOMORROW.

On this week’s episode of our weekly radio show,  Let’s Talk About It! (click here to listen) we talked about the recent crash in the stock market and the burn in the streets of England.  Our guests included Van Jones, Marshall Auerback, Ben Peters, Ann Collins, and Sukant Chandan.  As the show concluded, I thought of the debates about the England riots going on across the world. 

“This was an insurrection!”  
“This was just the work of evil hooligans!” (people still uses that word?)

“If this happened in America, thugs would have been shot!”(somebody's playing too much Xbox)  
“It’s only a matter of time before this happens in America!”

To get the stupidity out of the way,  riots DO happen here in America.  In fact the LA riots (1992), which lead to over 50 deaths, thousands of injured and over $1billion in property damage make the England riots now look like a bar fight.  There were more recent riots as well in Cincinnati (2001) and Benton Harbor, Michigan (2003), sparked by claims of police brutality and killings of unarmed civilians. But there have also been other riots for far more ridiculous reasons.  I remember the Michigan State riots of 1999 and 1998, sparked respectively by a lost basketball game and a policy banning alcohol during football tailgates.  Incidentally, many of the participants of the Michigan State riots have since seen better days going on to be doctors, lawyers, and police officers.  I even saw a few of their Facebook comments in disgust at the England riots,  clearly not realizing the irony. 

But beyond the stupidity, there must be a way for us to understand the England riots and all riots in which we don’t just justify the senseless killing of people and the trashing of small businesses nor do we let leaders and government officials off the hook for abdicating their responsibility to society.  To start, there are some basic truths about the climate that sparked the England riots we should remember:

*Mark Duggan, a 29 year old father of four was gunned down by London police who subsequently lied to cover up the reason for the shooting.  They then violated their own protocol for dealing with such shooting by refusing to answer questions to the family or the community.  That didn’t stop them, however, from beating up a 16 year old girl that was part of a contingent marching to the police station to ask questions.

*The subsequent rioting in other cities seemed to have less and less to do with Mark Duggan’s death.  When asked about the reasons for rioting people on the street would mention everything from the economy to the high level of corruption and government thievery taking place in the country to just wanting  free stuff.

*The top brass of Scotland yard seemed entirely too busy helping billionaires like Rupert Murdoch hack the phones of civilians for British tabloids to cook up juicy stories.  This left them with little time to contemplate protecting everyday Britons from crimes on the street or the white collar looting of the country.

*The youth programs credited with keeping large numbers of youths off the street and out of trouble have seen as much as a 75% decrease in their funding in the past year alone.

*Brits of all walks of life, even before the riots DO NOT SEE A BETTER TOMORROW.

Here is where the lessons for this country begin.  As Ann Collins stated on our show, there are several reasons why riots do or don’t happen.  In my mind, despite the talk of hooliganism (there’s that word again) and insurrection,  what stops us when we are enraged or angry  from doing something crazy isn’t our lack of hooliganism or our fear of police with guns, it is our ability, individually and collectively, to see A BETTER TOMORROW.  It is no secret that around the world and around this country, fewer and fewer of us our able to see that better tomorrow.   Our elected leaders of all stripes have grown smug, almost indifferent, to our demands to show a clear and convincing path to a better tomorrow, instead hedging their bets on protecting the tomorrow of billionaires.

What I think I heard our guests on the show say is that it is now our responsibility, collectively, to chart out this path to A BETTER TOMORROW.  Because if we don’t there will be consequences.  I am not just talking about the consequence of unnecessary wars and a plunder of wealth by the billionaire bailout crowd.  The riots in London are a real foreshadowing of how high the stakes are if we don’t lay out this path.  To be clear, I am not part of the pack that is wondering wishfully when the London riots are going to emerge in the US.  Those of us that work in real communities have seen far too many mothers cry over lost sons, far too many upstart small businesses shuttered, and far too many people put out of their homes to want to egg any of that on.  But if the right number of people get the wrong memo at the wrong time:  that there is no better tomorrow.  We are pretty screwed.

I’ll leave you with quotes from our show’s guests and a song I like to hear (played it on the show often) when I am feeling like we are pretty pretty screwed, "Wake Up Everybody" from John Legend and the Roots (originally from Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes)

“…if we don’t have a proper political  response [to the economy] within conventional  channels… the sort of thing you are seeing in London… will start to extend to the US …the danger is if we continue on this route that we are going, your going to see people adopting a more violent response to the problem.”-Economist Marshall Auerback

“when we stood up America looked beautiful when we  sat down America looked horrible”-Van Jones, Contract For The American Dream.

“These riots don’t just happen spontaneously, necessarily…sometimes there are conditions that make it important for people to act.”  Professor Ann Collins

“we have to go back to understanding the roots of this…these are our children, our children are doing this, we have failed our children…we must take responsibility for them because no one else is.” Political Analyst Sukant Chandan

“the root cause is: is it ok to steal?  In the UK we have a…financial and political elite who steal on a very regular basis but do so in a more sophisticated manner…when your leaders steal they lose any moral authority that they feel they may have.  And then it becomes very difficult for them to instill a sense of authority in those people that do not have the same access to that sophisticated theft.” Filmmaker Ben Peters

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AFTERMATH: London Burning, Economic Crashing, and American Dream Contracts...LISTEN!

As the UK starts cleaning up in the aftermath of the riots will Americans start cleaning up our economy?
Hey folks, the last show is up. While you wait for our article, listen to Van Jones talk about the Contract for the American Dream, Marshall Auerback talk about why our economy stays sucking, Sukant Chandan and Ben Peters about why England is burning and Ann Collins with some historical perspective on how the riots in England now are similar/different to the riots from early 20th century America.  Look out for an article soon.  In the meantime listen to the show by  CLICKING HERE TO DOWNLOAD or pressing play below.

Spread the word, see y'all soon.

Is Our Economy Crashing While England Burns?...Let's Talk About It!

7pm Eastern
or tune in on 880 am (S. Florida)

FIRST: Is Our Economy Crashing? with Van Jones and Marshall Auerback ...

Folks, tonight's show is gonna be a big one!  On Monday, the stock market plunged to one of its lowest points in years after the S&P credit agency downgraded America's credit rating.  This only confirmed what regular people across the country already knew, our economy still sucks and our elected officials can't or won't seem to do anything about it.  Well what can we do about it?  We will talk to two guest, economist Marshall Auerback and special guest Van Jones to talk about how the Contract for the American Dream just might give folks a way to do something about the mess we are in.


England is Under Fire...For Real

Unless you have been under a rock for the passed couple of days, you have probably heard that England has been rocked by some of the worst rioting and street violence it has seen in years.  What caused it?  What will fix it?  Is the British press right about it just being about hooligans that want free stuff?  Are the youth workers right about it being about deep seated grievances that are just starting to unearth themselves?  Does any of this have anything to really do with the death of Mark Duggan (the young man killed by the Police in Tottenham-the birthplace of the riots).

Join us as we hear from two guests: film director and lifelong Tottenham resident Ben Peters and political analyst Sukant Chandan.  We will also here from Ann Collins, a Professor of Political Science at McKendree University who has done extensive research on riots in the US

You don't want to miss this show!

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Hey folks,

The last show is up and our blog piece will be up in a few.  In the meantime just enjoy the listen by downloading HERE or pressing play below...check us in a few for an blog article.

Is America Ready For More Football And Are Latinos Done With Obama? Let's Talk About It!

WED, August 3rd @ 7pm EST

or tune in to 880 am (S. Florida)

Last week, Pro football players and team owners ended a lockout that began in March and ensured the season would smoothly again.   In the middle of the longest lockout in Football history, alot of fans and former fans alike reiterated the same gripe about the lockout.


During a recession, that question seems even more significant.  But join as as we speak with sports commentator Dave Zirin and former pro player Bill Romanowski as we talk about the stuff pro players should complain about and what the end of the lockout means for the rest of us looking for new work better work or just regular work.


The Latino vote was a crucial factor in Obama's 2008 victory.  However, even though the majority of Latino voters still approve of his job as President, his approval ratings keep dropping.  Just last week, Obama's speech in front of the influential members of the National Council of La Raza was interrupted by frustrated chants of "Yes You Can."  The reason for the chants, and the frustration, is tied in part to the Federal governments inability to fix an immigration system that all sides say is broken.  We'll talk with one of the frustrated chanters and friend of the show Felipe Matos and Antonio Gonzalez, President of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project and the William C. Velasquez Institute.  Will Latinos bail on Obama in 2012 or is Obama bailing on Latinos now?  Well, let's talk about it!

Remember, tune in, call in, and...
Let's Talk About It!

WED, August 3rd @ 7pm EST
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An Open Letter To Pam Geller: It’s Not About You, It’s About US

Dear Pam

It’s been a little over a week since the terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway and a few days since our show covering the attacks (you can listen to it here). On the show we talked to Faiz Shakir from Think Progress and Waseem Mirza, an activist from Oslo. But Pam, we really wanted to hear from you. However, after confirming thrice, you backed out saying you were double booked. I guess our listeners have to take your word for it.

And our listeners missed you too. One guy was so excited to talk to you on our show that he started reciting verses from the Quran on the air! I mean, I really don’t know why anyone would recite religious verses on a radio show, but it must mean he was really excited. Another ended up un-friending a Facebook friend after fighting with him about the show. 

On the show, we asked a couple of questions. First, we wanted to know if this completely discredited idea that “All Muslims aren’t terrorist but all terrorists are Muslims” which you have spent a good amount of time perpetuating created blind spots preventing us from spotting real-live terrorists that aren’t Muslim. We also wanted to know if pundits and bloggers like yourself were helping crazy people of all walks of life try to re-create the crusades. Lastly, we wanted to give you a chance to defend yourself against charges that you were a source of inspiration for Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist that killed almost a hundred people, many of them teenagers. But since you didn’t come on the show, we had to talk about this stuff without you. And you may be surprised by some of my personal conclusions.

First, the good news for you.

1. After interviewing a real live activist from Norway (Waseem), it became pretty clear that the Oslo terrorist attacks had little to do with you or any of the right-wing bloggers in your “anti-Jihad” crew. When speaking to Waseem, he seemed to genuinely not know who the hell you were. And when I asked him about the role of the American right-wing in inspiring the attack, he sort of told me in his nice Norwegian way, “America, it is not always about you.” He went on to explain that the growth of far right terror groups and political parties throughout Europe, especially in countries like Germany, is a far more likely source of support and inspiration for Anders than your blog or Robert Spencer’s blogs.

2. It turns out that the same “liberal lamestream media” and blogosphere that is having fun attacking you is just as responsible for spreading islamophobia, and the “all terrorists are Muslims” worldview as you are. As Waseem confirmed on our show, one of the first outlets to falsely spread the word that the attack in Oslo was perpetrated by a Muslim group was none other than the New York Times (the same often good newspaper, that when it’s not, helps lead us into bullsh*t wars). Similarly, a popular columnist went off in the Washington Post claiming a direct link between the Oslo attack and Al Qaeda, only to stuff both of her feet in her own mouth. Even half of the Huffington Post articles (a blog I actually really like) about Anders Breivik after he was arrested didn’t call him a “terrorist” or refer to the attacks as “terrorist attacks.” Seriously Pam, who needs you to spread Islamophobia when the mainstream media spreads false information on one hand, and then fails to report when Americans (even police officers) are killed by right wing terrorists on the other? Maybe you should get a job with the Washington Post, I mean you couldn’t be worse than Jennifer Rubin.

And now for the bad news.

1. Even if you weren’t his inspiration, it seems like Anders and you are sort of kindred spirits. So much that he mentions you, Robert Spencer, and other folks in your crew over a dozen times in his manifesto. What’s worse isn’t that you are influencing terrorists like him. It’s that you are importing his type of crazy and bringing it to this country. Sidenote: Am I the only one that sees a huge disconnect between your fans hating Europe’s socialist health care system, labor protections, and retirement system, but loving its Islamophobia? I mean isn’t Europe’s labor protections what allow its right-wingers to have enough vacation time to come to your rallies in New York? Isn’t Europe’s health care system what allows its neo-Nazis and white supremacists to live long enough to go from hating Jewish folks to hating Muslims?

2. This idea that “all terrorists are Muslim” clearly created enough of a blind spot in Norway for intelligence to wrongly conclude that right-wing terrorists didn’t “constitute a major threat” to the county as compared to “Islamic extremists” (even though, 99% of terror attacks in Europe are committed by non-Muslims). That blind spot exists in America too. The Department of Homeland Security responded to criticism of its intel reports on right wing extremists by gutting its unit dedicated to analyzing right wing terrorism. American media has its blinders are on so badly, that if often under reports right wing terror plots, even when they happen in the same city as a plot tied to radical Muslims.

3. According to Waseem, Norway responded to its recent attacks by calling for “more openness, more democracy.” Since 9/11, even under Obama’s administration of “change”, this country has opted for less openness and less democracy while consistently whittling away our civil rights and liberties. Unfortunately, the lessons learned from Norway are quickly passing from public consciousness as the news moves on to cover the death of Amy Whinehouse and the debt ceiling debate. Don’t get me wrong, Amy will be missed and I would rather import her memory and music than the English Defence League.

In the end, Pam, the Islamophobia that made you famous is part of the problem. But you aren’t the only cause for it. Its not just about you Pam, its about all of us. And the more you make all of us into just some of us, we are all screwed.


Subhash Kateel and the Let's Talk About It! Team