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 Family, we want to ask you a question.  Who can talk to the Young Republicans, the Tea Party, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and members of the Occupy Movement all on one show?  We can, that’s who!  If you missed our show and want to hear the whole thing, download the sound file here or press play below

1.  Iowa Caucus update:  If you want to listen to Bradley Gerber from the Miami Young Republicans and friend of the show and Florida Tea Party Patriots chair Everett Wilkinson chop it up about the Iowa Republican Caucuses, click here or press play below

2.  If you want to hear about how Occupy Des Moines and other ticked off fed up Iowans tried to “OCCUPY THE CAUCUS,” you can listen to David Goodner from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement by clicking here or pressing play below

3.  The NDAA
Listen to Shahid Buttar from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee break down the”No Democracy for America…”, I mean the “National Defense Authorization Act” (or NDAA) and how some politicians have a dream that one day all Tea Partiers, Occupiers, Hippies, Fundies, Peaceniks, and Redstaters can all come together and share one jail cell…without trial…indefinitely.  We even had one caller, a veteran, with some choice words for our politicians.  Download the clip here or press play below.

4.  A Good House “Keeping” update: The eviction of Angela Samuels blocked by community
If you want to hear about how 1Miami, Occupy Miami, the Miami Workers Center, and several other organizations came together to stop a post-holiday foreclosure/eviction/house-jacking, click here or press play below.

The show is dedicated to the memory of Rev. Doug Diehl, father of our Co-Host Kim Diehl, who passed away over the holidays.  May you rest until risen.

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