WED. 1/18 @ 7pm EST

FAMILY!  Tonight we just might have an interesting show for you!  We talk capitalism; what it is, what it isn’t, whether it is dead or alive, good or evil, and what people are doing about it.

1.  99 to 1 news update
We’ll check in on some news that affects the 99% and the 1%, including the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), some occupy updates, and the GAIM conference.  What happens when the 1% of the 1% come to Florida for a conference?  We’ll find out.

2.  Capitalism vs. the Free Market?!
In the news and on TV, people talk about these two as the same thing.  But is there a difference?  Is one good and the other evil?  Are greedy people using the values of one to justify the crimes of the other?  Join us as we hammer this one out.

3.  Cooperative Companies
What happens when workers own the business?  What happens when everyone’s a CEO?  Is it like inmates running the asylum, or getting rid of the top-heavy dead weight?  Believe it or not, the are a bunch of worker owned business in America.  How do they do?  Are they the future of making money or a pipe dream? Join us as we talk about it!

You know what to do…Tune in!  Call in! and Let’s Talk About It!

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