by Mara Leventhal

cross posted from the Huffington Post

It was an epic PR fight, a fast and fierce PR battle fought by two of the most nationally recognized forces of women’s health advocacy: Planned Parenthood and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It played out over cable news airwaves and social media updates like Clash of the Titans: Goddess Edition. A seemingly small administrative change by the Komen Foundation, not to give grants to any organization under Congressional investigation, started it all. The change would have, if not reversed today, led to an end to a breast cancer screening program run by Planned Parenthood.  

While it only lasted a couple of cable news cycles, this rapid-fire progression of statements, counter-statements, letters from Congress, major donation announcements and board resignations was a down-and-dirty fight for the title of “True Advocate for Women’s Health.” How far would the outrage over defunding this breast cancer-screening program go?

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