CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW Family, welcome back for another week of real talk.  This show won’t be an exception.  We will update folks on the ongoing fight for justice for Trayvon Martin in the middle of the program (and don’t forget to check our other work on it here, here and here).  […]

By Subhash Kateel It almost hurts me to write anything about Trayvon Martin.  Since he was killed, there has been a massive outcry amongst almost anyone with a beating heart.  As I was preparing for my radio show dedicated to Trayvon’s murder, what struck me about this case is that virtually every person I talked […]

FAMILY, if you missed the show, download it here or press play below.  Plus, subscribe to our PODCASTS on iTunes, and never miss our shows. – -The tragic death of Miami teen Trayvon Martin at the hands of self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Sanford Florida has sparked nationwide outrage and calls for Zimmerman’s […]

CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW 1.  If Cops and Prosecutors wanted to do right by Trayvon, they would have… On Feb 26, a young 17 year-old boy from Miami, Trayvon Martin was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer while returning back to his father’s home from the corner store, armed only with skittles […]

Who wants beef? Family, the show was ridiculous! More real talk about real issues.  If you missed it check it here or press play below.  If you never wanna miss our show again, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCASTS! – 1.  Rush vs. his advertisers It looks like Rush Limbaugh flew off the handle again, but what […]

Pic: Wed.  March 7th @7pm IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW CLICK HERE Family! It’s that time again.  You are not gonna wanna miss us tonight! 1.  Vegans vs. Meat Eaters Everyday in big cities across the country you see vegan and vegetarian spots sometimes right next to a steakhouse.  There has been a raging […]