Be very afraid…there is a dart board on the wall

By Subhash Kateel

(note:  nothing on this page is meant to make light of Trayvon’s tragic death, only of the idiots trying to make up reasons why he deserved to die.)

So last week, people from all walks of life came together to mourn Trayvon’s tragic death and demand justice.  Then, people decided to lose perspective on what this case is suppose to be about: a young boy killed by an armed man and cops who didn’t do their job and let him get away with it.  Well, it turns out that this is the week that people decide to lose their damn minds, going to batsh*t insane lengths to justify murder.  The worst example, is the sudden discovery of “thuggish” pics allegedly taken from Trayvon’s twitter account with the handle @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.  Because, seriously, what isn’t “thuggish” about a twitter handle named after the rap record label from ten years ago that once signed Lil Romeo.

This guy

Then there is the news that Trayvon was suspended for having either an empty bag of weed or spraying graffiti.  Which still makes his rap sheet a lot less scary than Andy Warhol’s.

But who wouldn’t follow this guy around a neighborhood with a loaded gun?

The fact that anyone thinks that Trayvon’s pic above, or his less-than-Lindsay-Lohan “criminal history” make him scary or worthy of a bullet in his chest means they either need Jesus or a hobby.  But it got me thinking, are there any pictures that are scarier than Trayvon’s scary “thug” pics?  I was looking through my belongings and thought that putting pictures of old Indian aunties with gold teeth in an article would get me into a lot of trouble with my family (I know, I recycled a joke).  But I did find a few pics that frightened me a hell of a lot more than Trayvon’s after doing some serious research on the web…for five minutes.  So here goes…

1.  Rick Scott, or the bad guy from Poltergeist II

Don’t let your kids see this at night

2.  Geraldo Rivera, after getting punched by skinheads

Imagine this guy walking around with a hoodie on?

3.  Rush Limbaugh, or the stay-puff marshmellow man on oxycotin

I bet he wished his packet of drugs was empty when he got caught.

4.  Adam Tavss, former cop who stood his ground (and planted stuff in it) too many times

As I mentioned in my last post, Adam Tavss is a former Miami Beach cop who killed two unarmed men in one week on the job.  He was cleared of wrongdoing in both cases, but was later fired after failing a drug test.  He was then arrested after a marijuana grow lab was discovered in his house.

5.  Anthony Mangione, ICE’s defender of human trafficking victims, viewer of kiddie porn

Seriously, would you let him be around your kids?

 Anthony Mangione was the Special Agent-In-Charge of all ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) investigations in South Florida for the Feds.  In 2009, he led a controversial bust of a human trafficking ring that arrested a bunch of people that had nothing to do with human trafficking and his agents were accused of assaulting several Guatemalan immigrants during the course of the collateral arrests.  I was pretty involved in helping to document this case with two community groups (FLIC and WeCount!) back then.  You can imagine my surprise when I found out that this heroic savior of human trafficking victims (who arrested people that did nothing of the sort) was later bagged after being caught with kiddie porn.

6.  Oh yeah, then there is this guy

What would you do if he was following you around a neighborhood at night?

Let me know if you find any scarier pics.  And don’t forget to tune in to our show every Wednesday at 7pm.