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Wednesday March 14 @ 7pm EST

Family!  It is that time again to bring you the real talk about the real issues that affect the lives of real people.

Tune in tonight to talk about…

1.  Is #KONY2012 corny for 2012?
When the #KONY2012 stuff first happened, our first thought is that if you want to know about Uganda, you should ask Ugandans first.  At LTAI, we try to practice what we preach so we spoke on the phone with journalist, blogger, and one of the first Ugandans to respond criticially of #KONY2012 via YouTube, Rosebell Kagumire. We will also hear from Jean Muteba Rahier, head of the African and African Diaspora Studies Program, Florida International University.

2.  Should US Troops leave Afghanistan or should they leave NOW?
This past week, a US soldier is accused of murdering 16 Afghan civilians.  This has prompted another debate about how soon US troops should pull out of Afghanistan.  To know more, it would make sense to talk to troops that actually served there and Afghans with family there…right?  So tune in as we talk to Brock McIntosh of Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan and a special guest from Afghans for Peace.


We will update you about the march last week that brought together immigrant rights and civil rights leaders to commemorate the historic Civil Rights-era march between Selma and Montgomery.  We will also talk about a recent victory in the Florida legislature that involves NOT shackling pregnant mothers (huh? you say? tune in…).  Finally we will talk about a Miami Dade raid on local members of the Occupy movement that left many crying “overkill” and “wtf?”

You do not want to miss this show!  You know what to do…tune in…call in and Let’s Talk About It!!!


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