Pic: Vegetarianstar.com
Wed.  March 7th @7pm
Family! It’s that time again.  You are not gonna wanna miss us tonight!
1.  Vegans vs. Meat Eaters
Everyday in big cities across the country you see vegan and vegetarian spots sometimes right next to a steakhouse.  There has been a raging debate amongst foodies worldwide about the benefits to body and earth from a vegan or vegetarian vs. a meat eating diet.  Today we either feel like settling it or adding more food for thought.  Join us as we talk to Chef and legacy Butcher Alejandro Cantagallo and Choices Vegan Cafe owner, Alex Cuevas, both friends of the show, about the virtues of beef vs. broccoli.
2.  Rush vs. His Advertisers
After years of building a multi-million person listener-ship and a million person hater-ship,  shock radio personality Rush Limbaugh is fighting to keep his advertisers after saying some nasty things about law student Sandra Fluke.  Does Rush deserve to get his wings clipped or is the advertiser exodus a bad omen for others that want to express their controversial opinions on air?  Find out as we talk with Angelo Carusone of Media Matters.
3.  Another bill to lock us up for protesting?
After all of the fuss about the effect of the National Defense Authorization Act on people expressing their First Amendment rights, it seems like Congress has cooked up another way to lock people up for expressing their thoughts.  It’s called the Trespass Bill, and friend of the show Shahid Buttar (Bill of Rights Defense Committee) will be on to discuss the impacts this bill may have on Americans that want to speak their mind to their politicians.
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