pic: colorlines.com pic: strengthofamerica.com Which picture will prevail? CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW 1.  Arizona’s SB 1070 in court Today, the Supreme Court is set to hear whether four major provisions of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 immigration law are constitutional or not.  Can states enforce immigration laws on their own or of their […]

This show was powerful for so many reasons.  If you missed it, download the entire show here or press play below.  You can also Subscribe to our PODCASTS on iTunes and never miss our shows.  For the individual segments, see below. 1.  Why is Marissa Alexander facing prison for not hurting anyone? Florida’s “Stand Your […]

CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW 1.  If Marissa Alexander “stood her ground,” then why is she is jail? While the debate about Florida’s Justifiable Force (aka “Stand Your Ground”) law rages on, the debate seems to be missing the story of what happens to people that really feel that they must use force […]

Source: Allvoices.com CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW! 1. Ozzie Guillen, the Miami, and the team we hate to love. The Miami Marlins can’t seem to earn the admiration of Miamians, and this week was no exception.  This time, the fuss erupted over comments made by Guillen, claiming that he “respected” Castro.  The word […]