Photo: Steven De Polo
1.  Was ICE’s Operation “Cross Check” a “check”mate to criminal or a double “cross” to the public?
As part of an operation it dubs “Cross Check”(hence the wordplay), Immigration and Customs Enforcement nabbed over 3100 immigrants over a 6 day period last week.  ICE touts it as a dragnet of the worst criminals but the immigrant rights community is crying foul after the administration announced it was focusing on “smart” enforcement.  We will hear from Jessica Vaughan (Center for Immigration Studies) and Donald Anthonyson (Families for Freedom).  Later in the segment, we will also hear from Marc Suarez, whose father was taken into custody during an Operation Cross Check raid.  We will also check in with Alina Das (Professor of Law at NYU).
2.  Is the Supreme Court stripping our Constitutional rights or sustaining them?
Jokes aside, the Supreme Court’s decision in Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders declaring constitutional strip searches of any kind in a jail, innocent or guilty, violent or non violent, misdemeanor or violation, or even in cases mistaken identity may have some serious implications.  We will talk about those implications with one of the lawyers that tried the case, Susan Chana Lask and friend of the show Shahid Buttar (Bill of Rights Defense Committee).  If you care about the Constitution, you don’t want to miss this segment.
As always, we will also have a brief check in on the fight for justice for Trayvon Martin.