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1.  Arizona’s SB 1070 in court
Today, the Supreme Court is set to hear whether four major provisions of Arizona’s controversial SB 1070 immigration law are constitutional or not.  Can states enforce immigration laws on their own or of their own making?  Find out as we talk to Chris Newman (NDLON-National Day Labor Organizing Network) & Jon Feere (Center for Immigration Studies) and sort out what a Supreme Court decision will mean for Arizona and the country.
2.  Florida’s First Undocumented Lawyer? The Story of Jose Godinez-Samperio
Jose Godinez-Samperio is a resident of Florida who graduated at the top of his class at Florida State University College of Law.  He passed the bar with no sweat, but may never be able to practice law in the United States because of his legal status.  Hear his story and make your decision.
3.  Another case of ICE behaving badly?
Jose Lopez Melgar is a a 21 year-old from Collier County, Florida that advocates say was assaulted by ICE agents, despite the fact that his family appears to have legal status and he seems to have a special needs disability.  Hear his story tonight and you decide if this is another case of ICE behaving badly.

4.  Why is Mexican migration to the US now at 0%?  What does that mean?

Join us as we talk to the Pew Hispanic Center about their new report detailing the new trends in Mexican migration to the US and how it relates, or doesn’t, to the bigger debate.

Plus we will have an update on the case of Marissa Alexander.  You can check our coverage on her case here, here and here.