Folks!  If you missed the show, listen in by downloading here or pressing play below.  Or Subscribe to our PODCASTS on iTunes and never miss our show! 1.  More on the Marissa Alexander case:  What the prosecutor could have done different. The recent sentencing of Marissa Alexander to 20 years in prison has everybody talking […]

CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW! 1. Marissa Alexander update: Was prosecutor Angela Corey just doing her job? Marissa Alexander, the woman who claims she was defending herself against an abusive husband when she fired a single “warning” shot into the wall of her home, hurting no one, was sentenced on Friday to a […]

by Elizabeth Marie Taveras and Jonathan Brand (note: both authors were present in the courtroom during Marissa Alexander’s sentencing) Click here for more on our continuing coverage of Marissa Alexander’s case As millions of children across the country are buying bouquets and making cards for Mothers Day, the children of Marissa Alexander won’t have that […]