Wednesday, May 2, 2012

AFTERMATH: From riots to May Day, nuns to CISPA, and a badly botched ICE raid

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1. The LA Riots: A retrospective with Davey D

In a nod to the 20 year anniversary of the LA Riots which took place this week,  we started things off with journalist/west coast renaissance/lecturer/Hip Hop junkie/host of Hard Knock Radio Davey D.  He described the atmosphere in Los Angeles prior to the beating of Rodney King and the reactions of communities affected by police violence to the event. Our guest stated that he believes that the most unusual thing about the Rodney King incident was not the beating itself, but rather the fact that it was videotaped and that our justice system has not come very far in the twenty years since the riots.  Download the segment here or press play below.

2.  Miami's May Day melee
Also on this week’s show we discuss the May Day demonstration that took place Tuesday in downtown Miami and the police response to with Bruce Wayne Stanley of Occupy Miami. Stanley described the events that took place on Tuesday, which included a demonstration at the Torch of Friendship and a march through downtown, and the subsequent arrests made by Miami Dade Police. We also heard from some participants (Barbanegra, Lola Alfonso, and Phil Ander) in the March before the madness ensued describing the significance of May 1st.  Download the clip here or press play below.

3.  Nun of the Vatican's Business?
The Vatican recently reprimanded the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, one the most important organizations of Catholic nuns in the U.S., and accused them of promoting “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.” To get some perspective on this recent controversy, we spoke to Associate Professor of American Studies at Notre Dame Professor Kathleen Cummings. Listen to what she sees as the the crux of the Church’s criticism (as you say it five times fast).  Download here or press play below

4.  Why does CISPA suck?
It looks like once again Congress is discussing a bill that would dramatically dictatorize the internet as we know it. The Cyber Intelligence and Protection Act or CISPA would allow for the sharing of internet traffic information between the government and certain companies for the purpose of investigating cyber threats. We were joined by Mark Stanley, the New Media Manager for the Center for Democracy and Technology, who believes that the proposed law is too broad and would be used as an umbrella to subject regular internet users to surveillance.  Learn more by downloading here or pressing play below.

5.  When ICE strikes in Homestead 
On November 19, 2008 ,the home of Adolfo Garcia and Julio Diaz was raided by ICE agents and the two were detained as a part of an effort to break up a human trafficking ring. Though neither Garcia nor Diaz were involved in the human trafficking ring they were roughed up and detained for several weeks before being released. Their story is once again in the news because this past month ICE ordered them to leave the country because of their legal status. We spoke with Jonathan Fried of WeCount! and Romy Lerner (Americans for Immigrant Justice) who updated us on the situation and the effect that the news is having on immigrant communities throughout South Florida.  You can check the petition here.  Listen to the show here or press play below.

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