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1.  No Love in North Carolina
This week North Carolina became the latest state to pass a
constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, civil unions and domestic partnership (gay, straight or otherwise) which has taken over the headlines this week. On the show, we
spoke with anti-amendment activists Wooten Gough of El Cambio and Kai
Barrow of Southerners on the Ground who both had much to
say about the amendment and its aftermath. Barrow discussed the necessity
of framing the passage of the marriage amendment not as a gay rights
issue but rather as part of a more broad discourse around the basic
rights of human beings. She also described this amendment as being
critical because of its role in a greater attempt by the radical right
to lock in discriminatory policies that are detrimental to everyone’s
freedom. Gough spoke about what it has been like to live as a gay man in
rural North Carolina and his fears that this trend of states passing
constitutional amendments to ban same sex marriages may continue to

We were also joined by Pastor Jimmy Chalmers from North Carolina who
was a part of the effort to block the passage of this new amendment even
though he considers himself to be a political and theological
conservative. Pastor Chalmers discussed the role of faith and public
policy as well as the inordinate power that religious leaders have in
shaping the political opinions of their congregations. Subhash and
Reverend Chalmers also talk about what they see as being the real
threats to families.  To here this segment, download it here or press play below.

2.  Exclusive Update on Marissa Alexander

As you may know, Let’s Talk About It! has been among the most faithful followers of
the Marissa Alexander case.  We followed up just two days before her sentencing with a bombshell interview with Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the case (and the current prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case), Kevin Cobbin, Marissa Alexander’s attorney,  Chartrissia Anderson (a former partner of Rico Gray, Marissa Alexander’s husband/”victim”/accuser), Lincoln Alexander (Marissa’s ex-husband/current advocate) and Angie Nixon (Florida New Majority).  Angela Corey expressed her displeasure (to
put it mildly) with the media (that means us) and their presentation of
the case which she believes to be lopsided. We discussed what it means
when Alexander’s husband, the star witness in the case, presents three
different accounts of what happened the night of the incident.  We even played excerpts from the original 911 tape.  Alexander’s attorney, Kevin Cobbin, who
makes it clear that neither he nor Alexander is trying to attack the
state attorney’s office but that they need to find out why the system is
not working for Marissa.  If you care about this case, you absolutely must hear this segment by downloading here or pressing play below.

Look out for more info soon.