Family!  It is that time again.  And times are really getting crazy.  Tonight:
1.  No Love in North Carolina?!?!?!
Last night, North Carolina passed by referendum a Constitutional Amendment that basically bans  Gay/LGBT marriages as well as Civil Unions between almost anybody.  Although the Amendment is not too much different than the one that passed in Florida, the news has been like a shot heard around the world.  Join us tonight as we get reactions North Carolinians on the ground, Wooten Gough (El Cambio), Rev. Jimmy Chalmers and folks from Southerners on New Ground. 
2.  EXCLUSIVE:  Marissa Alexander update
If you have been following us, you will know that we have been among the most faithful followers of the case of Marissa Alexander.  On Friday, she is expected to be sentenced to twenty years in prison for what she claims was self defense (where no one was hurt or killed) against an abusive spouse.  Over the past two days we have compiled a whole heap of evidence and interviews from Angela Corey, the prosecutor in the case (and in the Trayvon Martin case), Kevin Cobbin (Marissa’s attorney), Angie Nixon (Florida New Majority) and family and friends of Marissa Alexander.  If you haven’t heard about Marissa Alexander yet, it is time you heard now. And our show tonight will be the place to hear some of the most complete coverage on what many are calling one of the worst injustices in Florida’s recent memory.  To check our other coverage on Marissa’s case, please click here and here.