pic: Photography Is Not a Crime
1.  Is May Day an Occupy reboot or…
Yesterday, scores of protests took place all across the country in what some have called a reboot of the Occupy Movement and others have called a last stand.  Tune in as we give you the real talk with members of Occupy Miami and Occupy Wall Street. 
2.  Remembering and reflecting on the LA Riots
This week marks the 20th anniversary of the LA Riots, which started when four LA police officers were acquitted in the beating of motorist Rodney King.  Tune in as we talk with Journalist, historian, self professed Hip-Hop junkie and west coast radio host Davey D as we look back at one of the largest mass actions of its kind in US history.
3.  Is the Catholic Church at war with its American nuns?
Last week, the Vatican sent a stern message to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, one of the main Leadership bodies for American Nuns, telling them to tone down their “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.”  Did the Church leadership really pick a fight with their most respected members? A very real question:  Have they lost their minds?  Find out as we talk to Professor Kathleen Cummings (Notre Dame).
4.  Will CISPA turn the internet into a  dictatorship?
Just when you thought the gov’t had enough of passing laws to police the internet, along comes CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act).  Find out what is does and why people are taking a strong stance against it when we speak with Mark Stanley (Center for Media and Democracy).
5.  A Human Trafficking ICE raid gone wrong…
What happened in Homestead when ICE botched a human trafficking investigation in Homestead, Florida in 2008?  Why is it still in the news?  Find out as we talk with Romy Lerner (Americans for Immigrant Justice) and friend of the show, Jonathan Fried (WeCount!).