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1. Battle of the bad NBA Bosses! Plus which team is which in the battle between good and evil?

Everyone knows the good vs. evil story in sports, the classic story
of the scrappy team of underdogs going up against the team that everyone
expected to win or in the case of this year’s NBA finals the all
American team from the all American city against the flashy team of
celebrities from a Magic City.  On this week’s show we
spoke with sportswriter Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports) about his recent article, our article in response, about we should root for the Heat, why Lebron ain’t Hitler, why the OKC Thunder should really be called the Seattle Supersonics, and why all Sports Team owners are a bunch of welfare-fed socialist-for-the-rich-brats.  Check it here or press play below.

2. Obama: the leader of secret shady trade deals???

Obama campaigned as the candidate of change.  We didn’t really know he meant “changing international trade to give more power to really rich companies.”  Apparently, a formerly leaked secret document exposes some shade about trade deals that a lot of his supports just wouldn’t have “hope”d for.  The document leaked to the internet by Public Citizen
detailing some the discussions taking place at the Trans Pacific trade
negotiations which have been real secretive. Listen in as we talk document leaks and promises broken with Lori Wallach of Public Citizen by clicking here or pressing play below.

3. The Florida Stand Your Ground Hearings. An update and redux.

We once again delve into the ongoing debate about
Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law that erupted after the death of 17
year old Miami resident Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman
in Sanford, Florida. We were joined by Chris Brown (no relation to the singer) of the Second Chance on Shoot First campaign. Brown explained why he and the campaign
that he represents seek to reform laws like the one in Florida. A pretty lively discussion  ensues regarding gun laws like “Stand Your Ground” and
whether or not they increase homicides and the role that they play for
people like Trayvon Martin or Marissa Alexander.  Listen here or below.

4.  Voter Purges:  Is Florida’s electorate getting screwed?

Finally, in true LTAI fashion, we have been talking about how the State is trying to prevent Floridians from voting way before it became national news.  Since the national media decided to catch up with us, we checked in with Desmond Meade (Florida Rights Restoration Coalition) to discuss recent efforts
by the State of Florida to restrict access to voting and the resulting
lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice in response. He also explains that some of this might be new, the steps to restrict rights really isn’t.  Check it here or press play below.