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1.  Evelyn & Ocho Cinco:  How do we respond to violence at home when it hits the airwaves?

began this week’s show with one of the stories that pops up every so often, the
famous athlete being accused of domestic violence against his also famous wife.
In this case it was Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson who accused of assaulting his
wife, reality TV star Evelyn Rivera. Whenever one of these incidents happensm we
at LTAI! relive the same frustration with the media’s discussion
who provoked who and the inevitable taking of sides.
We worked to get past the “who did what” as we talked with Marica Olivo of Sisterhood of Survivors,
Quentin Walcott of CONNECT and Aparna Battarcharya of Raksha Inc. Marcia
expressed her displeasure that the primary issue, that of domestic violence,
was being lost in all of the reality TV-style drama. Quentin added
that we lose the opportunity to hold men accountable for their actions when stories get sensationalized. Aparna wondered aloud whether or
not anyone would care about this story if it didn’t involve professional sports
or reality television. She also added that “…we should respond by creating a
space for compassionate accountability to help all parties in the incident.”
2.  Romney, Miami and his “ex-drug trafficker host”:  Hit-job or appropriate stigma?

theme of being frustrated with the media’s manufactured outrage machine
continued as we address the fallout from Mitt Romney’s recent
visit to Palacio De Los Jugos which turns out is owned by a man who was
convicted of  drug dealing over 10 years ago. We discuss the meaning of the
incident in the context of the move toward voter suppression in Florida and in
other states with Desmond Meade of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.
Meade explained his view that this business owner should not be vilified for
his past mistakes and that the attacks from many liberals amount to nothing
more than hit pieces. He also pointed out the irony of Florida’s Attorney
General and leader of the disenfranchisement crusade in the state, Pam Bondi, sharing the stage with Romney atthe Palacio de los Jugos.    

3.  Are Miami elections a forecast of what’s to come in November?

we discussed the recent primaries in Florida and were joined by the head of the
South Florida AFL-CIO, Andy Matis, who himself was out door knocking just the
day before. We discussed the results, what they may mean for the November
general election and the role of Miami billionaire Norman Braman in the
4.  V-BACs, C-sections and live births.

we were joined by the organizer of the Vaginal Birth After Cesarean National Summit (VBAC),
Tamara Taitt, to discuss the event and what could easily be described
as a cesarean birth epidemic in Miami. Taitt explained that the average rate
for cesarean births in the U.S. is around 10-15% while in Miami it exceeds 50%.
She also talked about new research that has been suggesting that going through
vaginal birth after previously having had a cesarean is not as dangerous as it
was once thought and that there may be some downsides to cesarean birth that
many mothers may not know about.

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