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1.  The Wisconsin Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) terrorist attack

Last Sunday, a gunman with ties to White supremacist groups entered a Gurdwara and killed six people before being killed.  The media lit up (for like a day) with reports of the tragedy and its implications.  We even wrote about it here. We began the show by addressing the tragic shooting with activist, writer and vocalist/trumpet player of the
Brooklyn based band Red Baraat (check out his article here) who discussed the significance of the shooting
and how it relates to things like white supremacy in America. He
describes how he felt when he heard about the event and the uncomforable lessons he hopes we learn about racial hatred.  We were also joined by the author of
“Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire”, Deepa Kumar who discussed the notion that Page mistakenly believed he was attacking
Muslims and how not the point it is.  She also talks about how American foreign policy abroad and hate crimes here relate to each other.  To listen to this segment click here or press play below.

2.  An talk with the Green Party’s Jill Stein

Most people with a pulse feel frustrated by both the Democrats and the Republicans.  If it were up to Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein, most people would do something about it. Jill Stein is in Miami this weekend to speak at the
Veterans for Peace National Convention. She discusses third parties in American
Politics, the fallout from the 2000 presidential election and the things that
she believes need to be done in America. On the idea of voting for the lesser
evil in national elections she said that “voting for the lesser evil has
delivered the evil that we feared” and that “…establishment politics silences alternative voices through the use of
fear.”To listen to this segment click here or press play below.

3.  Veterans for Peace speak on War in Latin America

When most people talk about the fight to end war and military violence, they forget to mention that Veterans are often at the forefront of that fight.  This week, Veterans For Peace is in Miami to talk about the “Lessons from Latin America” and the Caribbean.  Join us as we talk to friend of the show, Camilo Mejia and we hear from Father Roy Bourgeois as they talk about the School of the Americas, the War on Drugs in Latin America and more. Father Roy tell us about his experience as a veteran and how
the Vietnam War was a major turning point in his life and how he viewed the
military. He also talked about the School of the Americas, a military training
school in Fort Benning, Georgia that has been described as a “school for
assassins” and it’s role in conflicts throughout Latin America. Mejia also
explained that Veterans for Peace formed in response to the aggression of the
Reagan administration toward Latin America in the 80’s. He also explained that
the theme, “Liberating the Americas: Lessons from Latin America and the
Caribbean,” was a way to connect all of the dots of American wars and
To listen click here or press play below.