1.  The Aftermath of Sandy and Climate Change at the Forefront Almost everyone has family in the Northeast.  Tonight we talk about what that family is going through, especially those that could hardly afford to go through anything with FUREE Director Valery Jean (Brooklyn) and Wind of the Spirit‘s Diana Mejia (Morristown, NJ).  We […]

  Don’t forget Subscribe to our iTunes PODCASTS and never miss our show!BREAKING NEWS:  Florida death row inmate  with documented mental illness, John Ferguson, who believes he is the “Prince of God” is set to be executed tomorrow after his State Supreme Court Appeal was denied.  Tune into the show to check this  emerging story […]

pic:     1.  Was Obama’s debate “gaffe” on Social Security how he really feels? Much has been made of Obama’s debate performance last week.  A bunch of Obama fans were particularly miffed about his “mistaken” remarks on Social Security.  But was he actually being honest.  In a rare, honest but perhaps controversial interview, […]

pic: CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW  + Subscribe to our iTunes PODCASTS and never miss our show!   1.  Nonvoters: Apathetic, disenfranchised, disillusioned or…? Elections are a few weeks away and a common claim is, “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain!”  But is that really true?  Are people that don’t vote really lazy […]