Don’t forget Subscribe to our iTunes PODCASTS and never miss our show!BREAKING NEWS:  Florida death row inmate  with documented mental illness, John Ferguson, who believes he is the “Prince of God” is set to be executed tomorrow after his State Supreme Court Appeal was denied.  Tune into the show to check this  emerging story

1.  Should we #changethedebate?

We have sat through three presidential/vice presidential debates at this point and a few students and young people are kinda of pissed that the issues they are feeling on the ground aren’t being heard.  We will find out why they want to #changethedebate when we talk to our friends at Dream Defenders as they take a break from defending dreams and sit down to chop it up with us.
2.  No, there really is voter fraud in Florida, just not the kind you think.
The title sort of says it all.  Award winning Miami New Times journalist, Francisco Alvarado will jump on the air to talk about the fraud that does exist when voters are absent on election day.
3.  Unaffirmative Action in our schools?
A bunch of people have been flipping out about the recent news that the Florida State Board of Ed. will be setting math and reading goals for Florida students based partly on race.  We will check in with Professor Brian Peterson about what this really means and if it really is unaffirmative action for students of color.
4.  Ballot Amendments: the real reason to vote?
If you aren’t excited about the candidates,  you should be worried about what ballot initiatives are being put before “the people” on election day.  We will talk a little bit more with Rick Smith of SEIU Florida Public Service Worker’s Union about what to check for at the ballot box on election day.