The debates are done, but the discussion on our future has barely started!  Join us tonight for:
1.  The (lack of a) Drone Debate

You would think that the use of Drones for extrajudicial killings in the war on terror would come up for more than a minute during the debates.  Well it didn’t.  Since our candidates for President don’t seem to wanna talk about it, it seems like we will have to.
2.  The Other Debates

Alot of people are fed up with both main political parties and are looking for options.  For those folks, the third party presidential debates were just as important as seeing Mitt and the Prez trade jabs on Monday.  Tune in as we check in on what happened. You can watch the Third Party Presidential Debate on C-Span.
3.  Gloria Steinhem calls Mitt a Fake Republican (sort of)

4.  Broward County Passes a Wage Theft Ordinance
Listen to Francesca Menes of the Florida Immigrant Coalition and the Wage Theft Task Force talk about Broward’s new attempt to stop Wage Theft.

5. Greeks are in the Streets, what the US can learn from them.

Mitt, when talking about the US economy during the debate, said that he didn’t want the US to go down the path of Greece.  Some folks that we spoke to say that Mitt doesn’t know what he is talking about.  They think that the US can learn a few things from how everyday Greeks are handling their economic crisis.  On this incredibly insightful segment, we got a chance to speak with Taki  Manolakos, lecturer at Wright State University and member of the editorial board of Sanhati and Eric Ribellarsi of the Kasama Project.  Both participated in the Winter Has Its End project, a team of  journalists traveling around the
globe to give on the ground reporting, telling the story of the people
who are fighting for a better world and spent significant time on the ground in Greece.