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1.  Was Obama’s debate “gaffe” on Social Security how he really feels?
Much has been made of Obama’s debate performance last week.  A bunch of Obama fans were particularly miffed about his “mistaken” remarks on Social Security.  But was he actually being honest.  In a rare, honest but perhaps controversial interview, former staffer for Rep. Alan Grayson and political analyst Matt Stoller tells us he definitely believes so.  Tune in to a regular segment we will have until the election on how close and far apart our Presidential candidates really are.
2.  Walmart Workers on Strike?
Walmart is the country’s biggest employer with 1.4 million workers on its payroll.  In 12 cities, some Walmart workers decided to go on strike.  Find out why this just might shape up to be a turning point for the Walmart economy.
plus…tune in as we talk about the Country’s controversial unemployment numbers and some local updates about our very own “Political Gangster.”3. The Unemployment Numbers
Time Magazine’s Michael Grunwald talks about the recent unemployment numbers and what they really mean.

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