pic: poritsky Family, it has been a week or so since we have been on the air.  Unfortunately, the news cycle didn’t stand still so we are back bringing real talk about the issues affecting real people.  Tune in tonight as we talk about… 1.  Another Florida teenager shot This past Friday, 17 year-old Jordan […]

LWV Press Conference Tuesday 1. Fixing Elections Remember how Florida had some election issues in 2000? And 2002? Veterans of voting reform efforts then will talk with those of us who want to repair Florida’s election system today.Resources: League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade TheFloridaVoter.org 2. Beating Wall Street at its Own Game Occupy Wall […]

1.  Post Election Thoughts People, the election was yesterday.  Some people won, some people lost.  ALOT of change might come and ALOT of things might stay the same.  We are gonna here from a bunch of our friends tonight, including radio host Edward Woodson, Florida State Rep.-elect Jose Javier Rodriguez, Get Equal’s Felipe Matos, Jim […]

by Mara Leventhal You may have heard about the early voting debacles over the weekend. Lines that stretched in the night for hours. Supervisor of Elections, locking its doors with hundreds lined up outside, chanting, “Let us vote!” Lawsuits. Bomb scares. Oh, Florida. While we are used to being in the national spotlight when it […]