We remember the lives of all that were lost in Newtown, Connecticut and all that are lost everyday to senseless (yes, we said it) violence.

1.  Is there another way to talk about ending violence?
The tragedy in Newtown last Friday has created a strong push for something to be done to end violence, specifically mass violence.  Much of it has focused on mental health and guns.  Tonight, we will talk about how we talk, think and act in a way that creates solutions that can move us forward.
2.  What exactly is a culture of violence?
Much has been said about America and Americans having a “culture of violence.” But what does that phrase mean?  How do we define it so that we can work to end it?  Tune in tonight.
3.  What are real Mayans doing when on the day that the “world will end.”
A lot of people keep talking about the Mayan calendar signalling the end of the world.  But very few of those people are actually talking about it with real Mayans.  If you didn’t know, South Florida has a vibrant community of Mayans, tens of thousands of them.  Tonight, we ask them what they are doing on the 21st, how they feel about everyone talking about their calendar and what people should really know about the Mayan community.