1.  The right to have no rights at work in Michigan?
If you haven’t heard by now, Michigan, the state that gave birth to the labor movement, just passed a “right to work” law that many say is meant to break the union.  On today’s show, we will speak to legendary Michigan labor and civil rights leader, General Baker about what this means for all of us. 
2.  Christmas vs. Hanukkah: The Faceoff.  Which one wins? 
LTAI is known to bring you the real news that affects the lives of real people.  We are also known to be a forum for thoughtful debate and dialogue.  Well, tonight we decided to have a little less thoughtful and not serious debate about which holiday is better, Christmas or Hanukkah.  Tonight, friends of the show Laguardia (the artist, not the airport) and Deanna Neil (author, singer and Jewish educator) will face-off to see which holiday would win in a fight…we mean…friendly debate…whatever, just listen! 
3.  Remembering Ravi Shankar
Chances are, if you grew up in America and are over 25, the first time you heard Indian music, it was probably Ravi Shankar.  Yesterday, one of the the most influential musicians in modern time passed away. We will talk with Tabla artist, composer and producer, Suphala about Pandit Ravi Shankar’s legacy.  Plus hear her track below.