Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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1.  Why is the NYPD spying on Muslims?  Hear the discussion between Cyrus McGoldrick (Hip Hop Artist and Council on American Islamic Relations) and Joe Kaufman (Candidate for Congress and Director of Americans Against Hate) here or press play below.

2.  Why did our children die in Chardon?  If you want to hear Dr. Amanda Nickerson (Director, Dr. Jean M. Alberti Center for the Prevention of Bullying Abuse and School Violence) talk about the tragedy in Chardon, Ohio, download it here or press play below.

3.  If you want to hear Gerald Lenoir (Black Alliance for Just Immigration) talk about Black Immigrants in America, you can click here or press play below.

Why did the NYPD spy on Muslims? Why did 3 children die in Chardon? Why don't we talk about Black Immigrants in America?


You can call this the "WHY?" show.  First up, we talk with two people with different opinions on why the NYPD would spy on Muslims living across more than three states and studying in over a dozen universities.  Was this really to keep Americans safe or was it yet another example of the big brother state?  Is this really right?  Who else is the NYPD spying on?  Let's see if Cyrus McGoldrick (Council on American Islamic Relations-NY and Hip Hop artist) and Joe Kaufman (candidate for Congress and director of Americans Against Hate) can shed some light on this issue.

Then...why a child killed children in Chardon...

This Monday, America witnessed yet another school shooting in small town America.  This time it was on the outskirts of Cleveland.  What causes a young person to kill his classmates?  Is it really the bullying?  Is it abuse?  Are some kids just bad seeds?  Join us as we talk with child violence expert Amanda B. Nickerson, Ph.D (Dr. Jean M. Alberti Center for the Prevention of Bullying Abuse and School Violence).

Then...Black and Immigrant in America

People talk about the Black community and the Immigrant Community as if they are mutually exclusive (and in conflict).  But the fact is, the number of immigrants that make up the African-American community is growing.  Historically, Black Immigrants have always played a pivotal role in the African American experience.  Join us as we talk with Gerald Lenoir (Black Alliance for Just Immigration) about one of the least talked about issues in America today.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

AFTERMATH: Whitney and the War on Drugs + Remembering Malcolm...

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1.  Why do artists do drugs?
You don't hear real talk like this.  Dr. Elaine Aron breaks down the emotional ups and downs of art and the creative process and discusses the possibility that both drug users and great artists come from the same psychologically defined grouping of “highly sensitive” people. Friend of the show La Guardia gives his take on it all, talks about his anti-drug community work and denies his latent addiction to Lucky Charms.  Download here or press play below.

2.  Whitney and the War on Drugs.
How does Whitney's legacy affect how we think about the War on Drugs?  Listen to Jim Hall (Center for Study and Prevention of Substance Abuse, Nova Southeastern University) discuss Miami’s, the supposed cocaine capital of the country, prescription drug abuse is giving the white horse a run for its money and its death toll. Hall also boldly declares the war on drugs over and stresses the importance of medicalizing the country’s drug problem.  You can also hear Kassandra Frederique (Drug Policy Alliance) kinda disagree with him but agree that the war on drugs has been a complete failure.  Download the segment here or press play below...

3. Remembering Malcolm.  Finally we remember El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, better known  as Malcom X. On the 47th Anniversary of his death we speak with Zaheer Ali who goes beyond pigeonholes and caricatures to try and understand Malcolm's legacy in its entirety.  Download the segment here or press play below. 

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Remembering an Icon + the War on Drugs and Whitney

TONIGHT! Feb. 22 @ 7pm est

Family! After a week off, we are back bringing you real radio that talks about real issues that affect the lives of real people.  This week...

1.  The War on Drugs and Whitney!

One of the greatest singers of all time was laid to rest this weekend.  As stupid as it is to speculate on Whitney Houston's death before the autopsy results are released, everyone is doing it anyway.  But the question people keep forgetting to ask is whether or not her long documented struggle with substance abuse is yet another example of a failed War on Drugs.  The new allegations flying around about prescription drug abuse mirror a real life increase in prescription drug abuse in the community at large, even in cities like Miami, know as the city of the Cocaine Cowboys.  How does a War on Drugs look when the pushers don't get their product from cartels but from prescriptions? We will talk about all of this with Kassandra Frederique from the Drug Policy Alliance and substance abuse expert Jim Hall (Center for Study and Prevention of Substance Abuse-Nova Southeastern University). 


2.  Why Do Artists do Drugs?

All the speculation about Whitney's death has come with a lot of judgment about her history of abuse.  But beyond the judgment calls, we haven't really had a real conversation about whether or not artists are more likely to use drugs, and if so why.  We will stop speculating and start talking with Psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron and non drug using artist and friend of the show, La Guardia. Hopefully we can get some real answers.

But first...

3.  Remembering Malcolm X

Yesterday marked the 47th anniversary of Malcolm X's assassination.  Decades later, he probably remains one of the most controversial, misunderstood and significant leaders of what some would call the Civil Rights movement (a term he rejected). Join us as we talk with Zahar Ali about the legacy on an icon.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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1.  From Syria and Bahrain with Love:  If you want to hear Bassam Haddad (George Mason University), Sanjeev Bery (Amnesty International), Sarab Al-Jijakli (National Alliance for Syria), and Cole Bokenfeld (Project on Middle East Democracy) tell us about the situation in Syria and Bahrain, click here or press play below...

2.  Loving Valentine's Day when your pocket is full of lint:  If you wanna hear Natalie McNeal (Frugalista Files) tell us how to celebrate V-day "being broke," click here or press play below...

3. Finally if you want hear friends of the show, Juan Rodriguez and Felipe Matos, talk about their V-day love story one day after Cali's prop 8 decision and quite a few days before that decision will have an effect on Floridians, click here or press play below.

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From Syria and Bahrain with Love, to Valentine's with no money, and a little Florida love story

1.  When will it be spring in Syria and Bahrain?
The spirit of the Arab spring is definitely not over but the death toll is definitely growing higher.  We have heard a lot in the news about Syria, and almost nothing about Bahrain.  But what should people in this country watching the daily reports of death in Syria or the Bahrain media black-out think all of this?  Tune in as we talk about it...

2.  Celebrating Valentine's when you are broke...
Nothing sucks more than being broke on holidays and sharing that broke-ness with people you love.  Just because Valentine's day is commercial and excessive, it doesn't mean that  you won't catch hell for not celebrating it with your significant other.  As part of our ongoing, "when you are broke" series, we will talk a little bit about what to do for special someone with out spending so much.

3.  Cali's Prop 8, America's Valentine's day, and a Florida love story...
With the news yesterday that a Federal judge in Cali threw out Prop 8, the ballot initiative turned law that outlawed same-sex marriages, a bunch of folks hit the streets celebrating.  But in Florida one couple is still dealing with the state law here and what trying to get married when the law says you can't means, especially on Valentine's day.  Tune in to hear their story.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

When One Women's Health Advocate Is Pitted Against Another, No One Wins

by Mara Leventhal

cross posted from the Huffington Post

It was an epic PR fight, a fast and fierce PR battle fought by two of the most nationally recognized forces of women's health advocacy: Planned Parenthood and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It played out over cable news airwaves and social media updates like Clash of the Titans: Goddess Edition. A seemingly small administrative change by the Komen Foundation, not to give grants to any organization under Congressional investigation, started it all. The change would have, if not reversed today, led to an end to a breast cancer screening program run by Planned Parenthood.  

While it only lasted a couple of cable news cycles, this rapid-fire progression of statements, counter-statements, letters from Congress, major donation announcements and board resignations was a down-and-dirty fight for the title of "True Advocate for Women's Health." How far would the outrage over defunding this breast cancer-screening program go?

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


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1.  Peace City Endgame?  If you want to hear from independent journalist, writer, and photographer Carlos Miller (Photography is Not a Crime, Miami Beach 411) as he talks about what went down when hundreds of cops raided Occupy Miami's "Peace City" (we'll give you a hint, they thought that his photography was a crime), download it here or press play below...

2.  If you want to hear the Southern Poverty Law Center's Tania Galloni and student Carla Montes talk about Florida's policy making US CITIZEN students that are born in Florida pay out-of-state tuition if their parents are undocumented, download the interview here or press play below...

3. If you want to hear sports commentator and friend of the show, Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports, The John Carlos Story) talk about what the SUPER BOWL says about us and what we say about it, click here or press play below...

4.  Finally, if you want to hear Miami New Times writer (and one of the best Miami muckrakers) Tim Elfrink  and researcher Marcos Feldman remind us that the Miami Marlins (and owner Jeffrey Loria) are massive government handout taking welfare cheats that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars, click here or press play below...

Remember to check back with us next week, Wednesday at 7pm for our show...

The Super Bowl, Sports Stadiums, and Citizen Students...


FAMILY! Right now there is an epic battle set to take place between two smart and powerful forces vying to prove which one is capable of coming out on top.  And then there is the Republican primary.  Although the Florida primaries took place yesterday and everyone expects us to cover the results, we all know more people probably care about the Super Bowl.  At this point, it feels more meaningful and less dirty than watching politicians alternate between jabbing, lying, and ducking the skeletons in their closet.  But as Super Bowl Sunday approaches, what does it say about us as a country?  Join us as we talk with friend of the show, sports writer Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports) and look at how we all reflect on the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl reflects on us.  Yep...we are getting deep about the Superbowl...

And then...

As much as we love sports, should we love spending taxpayer dollars to pay for it?  Miami's baseball team, the Marlins receives massive taxpayer handouts to stay in Miami.  We even help build their nice stadium.  Does our love of sports justify our dishing out of handouts?  We will talk about it with Miami New Times staff writer and resident muckraker, Tim Elfrink.

But First...

Peace City no more?  Last night about 200 cops raided Occupy Miami's Peace City encampment, arresting at least 3 people.  We will check in with folks from Occupy Miami that were there to see what went down and what the future will bring.


You are born and raised in Florida and live here your whole life.  But when you go to College they still make you pay tuition as if you are out of state?! Why?  Because your parents are undocumented.  We didn't believe it when we first heard it.  Some state senators believe it and want to keep doing it.  Either way, we will talk about it.

You know what to do, tune in...Let's Talk About It!