Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy's Aftermath+Climate Change+the Zombie Apocalypse Industrial Complex

1.  The Aftermath of Sandy and Climate Change at the Forefront

Almost everyone has family in the Northeast.  Tonight we talk about what that family is going through, especially those that could hardly afford to go through anything with FUREE Director Valery Jean (Brooklyn) and Wind of the Spirit's Diana Mejia (Morristown, NJ).  We will check in about the conversations we should be having (climate change, etc.) with writer Rebecca Solnit and conservationist/climate change expert Captain Dan Kipnis

2. Should the Elections be postponed?

Considering that many people in the most populated region in the country can barely go to the grocery store, more people need to be asking that question.  Tune in as we talk to legal scholar and FIU law professor Ediberto Roman.

3.  Wait...there is a Zombie Apocalypse Industrial Complex?

Today is Halloween and a lot of people, especially Miami folks (whether it is appropriate or not) are fascinated with the zombie apocalypse.  What people may not know is that there is a actual industry developing to soothe the demand of people that want to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.  Tune in as we talk to friend of the show and Florida gun/supplies shop owner Vic Grechniew, Everette Deger of Hornady (makers of an actual zombie bullet), Mike May of Gerber Gear (makers of the official Zombie Survival Kit for the series, the Walking Dead) and Todd Rassa (instructor in an actual zombie apocalypse survival course).  NOTE: This segment was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek but some of our guests also had insights into disaster preparedness in light of Hurricane Sandy.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Drone Wars,3rd Way Debates, Greeks in the Streets & Gloria Steinem in MIA

The debates are done, but the discussion on our future has barely started!  Join us tonight for:

1.  The (lack of a) Drone Debate

You would think that the use of Drones for extrajudicial killings in the war on terror would come up for more than a minute during the debates.  Well it didn't.  Since our candidates for President don't seem to wanna talk about it, it seems like we will have to.

2.  The Other Debates

Alot of people are fed up with both main political parties and are looking for options.  For those folks, the third party presidential debates were just as important as seeing Mitt and the Prez trade jabs on Monday.  Tune in as we check in on what happened. You can watch the Third Party Presidential Debate on C-Span.

3.  Gloria Steinhem calls Mitt a Fake Republican (sort of)

4.  Broward County Passes a Wage Theft Ordinance
Listen to Francesca Menes of the Florida Immigrant Coalition and the Wage Theft Task Force talk about Broward's new attempt to stop Wage Theft.
5. Greeks are in the Streets, what the US can learn from them.
Mitt, when talking about the US economy during the debate, said that he didn't want the US to go down the path of Greece.  Some folks that we spoke to say that Mitt doesn't know what he is talking about.  They think that the US can learn a few things from how everyday Greeks are handling their economic crisis.  On this incredibly insightful segment, we got a chance to speak with Taki  Manolakos, lecturer at Wright State University and member of the editorial board of Sanhati and Eric Ribellarsi of the Kasama Project.  Both participated in the Winter Has Its End project, a team of  journalists traveling around the globe to give on the ground reporting, telling the story of the people who are fighting for a better world and spent significant time on the ground in Greece.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Should Florida Execute a Schizophrenic?

pic Florida Department of Corrections
Does a man who believes he is the "Prince of GOD," who should have never been let out of a mental institution in the 70's after a psychiatrist found him to be “grossly psychotic”, be put to death in Florida after committing a series a heinous murders nearly 30 years ago?

That is exactly what will happen to John Errol Ferguson if the State of Florida gets its way.  Remember, the question isn't if John Ferguson should be let back onto the streets (so stop watching too much tv).  The question is, what justice, retribution or deterrence will be served by killing him? On our show yesterday, we had an exclusive interview with on of Mr. Ferguson's attorneys, Ben Lewis.  For more background on the case, you can check out this piece by one of LTAI's favorite Miami journalists, Tim Elfrink, or an op-ed in the Miami Herald by Fred Grimm.  Check out our interview with Ben Lewis below and tell us what you think.

Read more here:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#ChangetheDebate+Real Fl. Voter Fraud+Fl. School's Unaffirmative Action+Our Ballot Amendments

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BREAKING NEWS:  Florida death row inmate  with documented mental illness, John Ferguson, who believes he is the "Prince of God" is set to be executed tomorrow after his State Supreme Court Appeal was denied.  Tune into the show to check this  emerging story

1.  Should we #changethedebate?

We have sat through three presidential/vice presidential debates at this point and a few students and young people are kinda of pissed that the issues they are feeling on the ground aren't being heard.  We will find out why they want to #changethedebate when we talk to our friends at Dream Defenders as they take a break from defending dreams and sit down to chop it up with us.

2.  No, there really is voter fraud in Florida, just not the kind you think.

The title sort of says it all.  Award winning Miami New Times journalist, Francisco Alvarado will jump on the air to talk about the fraud that does exist when voters are absent on election day.

3.  Unaffirmative Action in our schools?

A bunch of people have been flipping out about the recent news that the Florida State Board of Ed. will be setting math and reading goals for Florida students based partly on race.  We will check in with Professor Brian Peterson about what this really means and if it really is unaffirmative action for students of color.

4.  Ballot Amendments: the real reason to vote?

If you aren't excited about the candidates,  you should be worried about what ballot initiatives are being put before "the people" on election day.  We will talk a little bit more with Rick Smith of SEIU Florida Public Service Worker's Union about what to check for at the ballot box on election day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama's Social Security "un-Gaffe?" + Walmart Workers on Strike


1.  Was Obama's debate "gaffe" on Social Security how he really feels?
Much has been made of Obama's debate performance last week.  A bunch of Obama fans were particularly miffed about his "mistaken" remarks on Social Security.  But was he actually being honest.  In a rare, honest but perhaps controversial interview, former staffer for Rep. Alan Grayson and political analyst Matt Stoller tells us he definitely believes so.  Tune in to a regular segment we will have until the election on how close and far apart our Presidential candidates really are.
2.  Walmart Workers on Strike?
Walmart is the country's biggest employer with 1.4 million workers on its payroll.  In 12 cities, some Walmart workers decided to go on strike.  Find out why this just might shape up to be a turning point for the Walmart economy.
plus...tune in as we talk about the Country's controversial unemployment numbers and some local updates about our very own "Political Gangster."

3. The Unemployment Numbers
Time Magazine's Michael Grunwald talks about the recent unemployment numbers and what they really mean.
 Tonight! 7pm EST!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My split personality on Columbus Day

By Subhash Kateel

I have gotten so tired of spending every Columbus Day trying to tell people that celebrating Columbus Day, no matter how, ironically, culturally sensitive its origins are, is just an awful thing to do.  It is even more awful to give people the day off on a day that commemorates a dude that actually kidnapped people.  So instead of trying to get people to stop celebrating, I decided to celebrate in my own way.  I created a #celebratecolumbus hashtag on twitter and inserted my most inspiring thoughts:

1. Sooo, do you mind if I crash at your crib for a day...year...century? 
2. "Officer, I didn't steal this car. I DISCOVERED it." 
3. Mlk 2 columbus: "u aren't american, don't spk english, entered illegally, & I had problems getting a holiday in AZ?" 
4. Your majesty, it's curry. I swear. 
5. Cold, unspicy spanish chorizo=progress. 
6. Leif Ericson: "really? That dude gets a fed. Holiday and I don't?" 
7. U should come with me to meet the king. Do u mind putting these shackles...I mean...magic travel bracelets on first? 
8. An Inca: "right, because we always needed male-pattern baldness in our gene-pool" 
9. A taino: "look if you're gonna force us to speak spanish, can we at least not speak with that freaking lisp?" 
10. An arawak: "right, so if I don't read this book that told you not to kill people, you're gonna kill me?" 
11. A mayan: ain't these the guys that are gonna educate us by forcing us to stop learning math? 
12. Indian in india: "glad that columbus dude didn't discover us. see that ship? Oh, sh*t." 
13. #celebratecolumbus...Because isn't Europe a better continent with syphilis? 
14. A Carib:"rotflmao, that dude thinks he is eating a samosa!" 
15. Borinken: "oh sh*t, now they are gonna make us dance like them." 
16. #celebratecolumbus...because we should always honor the dudes that get lost driving 
17. Iroquois: "Wait, so one day lacrosse will be the whitest sport? smdh" 
18. Wampanoag: "I swear if this dude makes me show him how to pull plants from the ground one more freaking time..." 
19. Taino 2 Taino: "Why these Spaniards so mad?" "Wouldn't u be mad if the Moors made u eat couscous for a few hundred yrs?" 
20. Tecumseh: "Yeah, you believe in #guncontrol...right" 
21. Mayan 2 Mayan: "dumba$$, I told u to invent googlemaps instead of spending all that time discovering the number zero!" 
22. Iroquois to Mayan: "you mean one day he is gonna teach us about democracy and astronomy? stfuwtbs!" 
23. An aztec: "you want us to destroy our idolatrous statues & gaudy temples and replace them with what again?"
24. Aztec to montezuma: "you fool, if he's really a god, then why is he sunburned and allergic to mosquito bites?"
25. Mayan architect' spouse: "all this time you're spending on pyramids, they r just gonna say that aliens built it anyway"
26. A Mayan: "You know what would be some funny sh*t? Make this calendar end on 2012! Ppl will flip!" 
27. Mexica: "yea man, whatever, we'll follow your religion. Check out this Virgen de guadelupe shrine." 
28. Geronimo: "Nah bro, how bout I keep the rifle and you keep the nasty hipster thrift shop blanket!"

I know, you probably think that I have way too much time on my hands.  I don't.  The truth of Columbus Day is a hard one to reflect on.  Almost as hard as reflecting on the stuff Columbus actually his own journals:

“They [the Arawak] are the best people in the world and above all the gentlest—without knowledge of what is evil—nor do they murder or steal…they love their neighbors as themselves and they have the sweetest talk in the world…always laughing...They are very simple and honest and exceedingly liberal with all they have, none of them refusing anything he may possess when he is asked for it. They exhibit great love toward all others in preference to themselves...They would make fine servants. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”
I want you to read that a few times and think about it.  This is the man we celebrate.  This is the mentality we celebrate.  A lot of people, when I talk about this seriously, instead of in crazy, ranting hashtagged tweets, will tell me that this is the past and that we should stop focusing on it.  If we should stop focusing on it, we should stop celebrating it, too.  Feel free to check out this article by the late Howard Zinn.

Let's keep moving forward by celebrating the values and attributes that we aspire to and the people that represent them.

I'm out.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who doesn't vote? + the Debate Watch Party Show

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1.  Nonvoters: Apathetic, disenfranchised, disillusioned or...?

Elections are a few weeks away and a common claim is, "if you don't vote, you can't complain!"  But is that really true?  Are people that don't vote really lazy or apathetic?  We decided to do what few shows have done, actually talk to people that won't vote in this election to see what they have to say.  You don't want to miss this segment.

2.  What WON'T come up during the debates tonight?

The Presidential debates are tonight.  For some that means getting your good clothes on and heading to a debate watch party.  For others it means getting your pajamas on and catching up on episodes of the Voice or Sons of Anarchy.  Because our show is right before the debates, we wanted to host our own watch party with all of our party friends.  You know-the Republican party, the Democratic party, the Tea party, the Green party.  For our watch party we have one question: What issues won't come up tonight that probably should?  Find out what our friends have to say.